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Sugarbush slopeside lodge Q

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There is "Mountainside Lodge" at Sugarbush, on "Out to lunch" trail -
is this place convenient logistically, for a family with young kids?

Wondering if the walk back is flat enough for my 4yo daughter, or whether we need to get on the lift and ski down. Riding the lift with her might be an issue if I'm not there - my wife will have hard time getting off the lift with her.. More often than not, I'm away with an older son.

Need to make decision on the place, so any feedback is appreciated. If it isn't convenient, we might as well save money and do the shuttle routine. Thanks.
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Mountainside and Out to Lunch

I worked in lodging at the Bush for 5 years including last season. Mountainside condos is the second closest condos to the slopes. The complex is 3 buildings in a line leading up to a small bridge to Out To Lunch trail. Once on the trail it's an easy 200 feet to the slope then you get on the Village Double then you ski over to the main base area of LP. The sticky wicket is that there is no snowmaking on Out to Lunch so hopefully there will be enough snow. If not it's a very easy walk to the slopes. Distance to Out to Lunch is 200ft-30ft depending on which building/unit your staying in.

Did you book thru the resort or Sugarbush Village Condos? If through the resort you get access to the Sugarbush Health and Racquat Club if through SVC you have to pay to use the facility.

You might consider using the free resort shuttle which stops a short walk from Mountainside which eliminates the Village chair to get over to the LP base area. If it's a weekend and you don't want to drive the shuttle will take you all around the valley as well.

If you decide to do the shuttle you can save some money by staying in Paradise or Glades condos. They are nice units but cheaper only because they are alittle further from the slopes. Keep in mind that the condos are individually owned so depending on the owners some units are really nice, some are ok. It doesn't hurt to ask for a #1 rated unit but I understand location is a high priority as well.

You didn't mention when you were going. Right now the conditions are good. They have been making alot of snow and have received 8-10" in the last week with more predicted for Mon/Tues.
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I booked through SVC. If my kids want to go swimming, I don't mind paying for it. I think I'll end up saving money by not paying up front, though.

We're going up during the 3rd week of Feb, so it's a few weeks out. Deadline for no-penalty cancelation is coming up, so wanted to double check before fully committing.

So, if I understand you correctly, even young kids can walk/ski back to Mountainside w/ or w/o snow on Out to Lunch trail? Taking shuttle back to the lodge could come in handy, too, I guess.

Thanks a lot. I'm keeping the reservation. Hopefully there'll be enough snow.
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The Out to Lunch trail is about the width of a dirt road but have seen little kids use it often. If you did not use the trail and instead walk thru Sugarbush Village to the slope it's a pretty easy walk. Maybe 200 ft from Mountainside. Mostly flat. If your child has never skied before she might be more comfortable with the walk. Once you get there you'll figure it out. Hope you have a great time.

If you have some free time you should take the kids to the Ben&Jerry Factory for the tour and free ice cream. It's about 30 min away. If you take a trip to Burlington your daughter will love the tour at the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory. My kids loved both.
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