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Mounting verdict for the Mantra...

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I received my Mantra's and Mojo 15 bindings this week. I am going to have them mounted this weekend. I have read the threads about mounting on the line and moving back. Since this is my first fat ski I am a little lost here. I have a dedicated groomer all-mountain ski. The Mantra will be used approx 50/50 on/off piste for pow, crud, trees... No bumps except when connecting from place to place. I don't want to have to change skis to ski the groomers at the end of a pow day. Not sure if the binding position will effect the groomer performance.

Seems like most people are moving the binding back 1-2cm. So what do you think?... line... 1cm back or 2 cm back.

185 lbs.
44 y/o
Level 8

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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On the line. It is only really jibbing skis that you need to mount back for all mountain applications. This ski is designed from the ground up as an all mountain ski and the recommended mounting point reflects this.
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Mine's on the line & is perfect for me.
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You are relatively light. I had no issues with on the line mounting until I gained weight last year. (yeah it sucks) Anyway, you will really like the boot center mark based on my experience 30 pounds ago. I have been working out and losing some of the baggage, and its paying back in better balance.
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Mine are mounted on the line and they feel great (295mm boots). I'm very sensitive to mounting position and they don't feel forward to me, but I do have small boots.
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Thanks for the advice everybody. The line it is. My gut was telling me that's where I belong since this is my first dedicated pow/crud fat board. At my weight, riding a 184cm, I don't think I need more float anyway. Hope we get some snow next week so I can try them bad boyz!

This is a great forum with many well informed people. Thanks again for the help.

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I'd go back 1cm from the line if I were you

mine is 1.25cm back and it definitely makes a difference in powder and you won't miss a beat on groomers

I demo'd them last year on the line and I'm very glad I mounted them back after buying my own pair
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While I appreciate many people like their Mantras on the line, the fact is that I have seen nobudy that has done a real comparasion. One argument for mounting on the line is that this was where Völkl intended the mount to be. That said, I'm VERY satisfied with my 2cm back mount at 302mm boots. I'm satisfied with this, not even considering off piste skiing, ie I love the general feel from the back mounted ski also on the groomers. There is no doubt that the recomended mount is very far forwards (compared to older generation Völkl skis in the segment, in particular compared to the (very back mounted) explosive. Even back mounting 2cms put the boots something like 3-4cm in formard of the Explosive mount.

From what I heard, the 06/07 Mantras will have two rec mounting points, so go figure.

My own feeling is that mounting on the line is for people that want a bit of extra backwards skiing and maybe spinning performance from the ski.
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I've got mine mounted 1.5 feet back from center.

Centimeters are for sissy's. Slap those bindings on the very back and ski like a real man.
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