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Casting Call: Ski Patrol!

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Found this on Usenet in news:rec.skiing.resorts.north-america (which can be read by Google Groups for people who don't believe the Internet exists except for Web and email

They appear to be a legitimate production company, at least according to their website at the same domain www.bravestreet.com as the poster's email address.

Some of our outgoing skiing actors and other performers (not me, I'm way not good enough a skier) may want to check into this.

So if you're wishing someone luck to be a performer on a tv show, but it's about skiing, do you or don't you say "break a leg"?

Originally Posted by post from rec.skiing.resorts.north-america
-------- Original Message --------
Subject: CASTING CALL - Do you want to work on a SKI PATROL?
Date: 24 Jan 2006 12:31:08 -0800
From: BSP <amanda@bravestreet.com>
Organization: http://groups.google.com
Newsgroups: rec.skiing.resorts.north-america

I am working on a television series in which I give people the chance
to test drive their dream job. Right now I'm casting for individuals
who dream of becoming a ski patrol / avalanche control officer.

I'm hoping that you all will spread the word amongst your network of
family and friends about our show.

I'm seeking a charismatic and outgoing person to test-drive his or her
dream job as a ski patrol / avalanche control officer. They must be a
very strong skier, accustomed to skiing in powder, and very comfortable
hiking and skiing in the backcountry.

Do you sit in your cubicle everyday longing to be on the slopes? Is
your brother-in-law, the lawyer, a ski bum on the weekends? Does your
sister spend more time planning her next ski trip than actually doing
her job?

We are looking to shoot the week of February 20, 2006, so I will be
casting immediately.

Potential candidates do not have to quit their jobs, we only ask for a
week of their time ...and the opportunity to take them out west for
some wicked backcountry skiing.

Please assure them that this show is not a competition like all the
"Fear Factor" contests, nor is it about humiliation. We are hoping
to give someone the chance to find out what it means to work in their
dream career.

Do you know the right person for the job?

If so, please have them email me at amanda@bravestreet.com with the
following information:
-Phone #'s (day / night / cell ,etc)
-Email Address
-Photos (preferably several)
-An explanation of their ski experience level
-A brief paragraph as to why they dream of becoming a ski patrol /
avalanche control officer
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So Here I am sitting in the middle of Sundance Film Festival and reading about a new reality TV show about becoming a ski Patroller? How exciting ofa show would it be? Yelling at snowboarders to slow down. Checking out some hot babe with a blown knee. Hanging in the Patrol shack swapping lies. Yeah sound like a hit to me.
Oh yes if you don't make it on that show try for the other new ski/snowboard "reality show" that is being spinned here at Sundance Called "Aspen" Light up the big cigars boys I smell another hit!
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Funny, they are right across the street from where I work. What the hell, I'll apply. What's the worst that can happen....I get a free trip out west?
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