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Who's all coming to ESA

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This year we'll have 71 students, 14 coaches, and our esteemed Dean Weems in attendance at ESA Snowbird/Alta, along with expert bootfitters Bud Heishman (with Steve Bagley of Superior Ski) and videographers Steve Hultquist and Phil Rostad. We'll have 98 people at our banquet Thursday evening.

It's a cosmopolitan group with people coming from as far away as Australia, the UK, Ireland, and Toronto, Canada. The ski states of Hawaii, Florida, Alabama, and Louisiana are represented, along with Kansas, Tennessee, and Virginia. I'd guess it's a fair representation of the population at epicski, with Colorado and California the front numbers.

Our coaching staff includes a New Zealander who directs the snowsports school at Mt. Hutt, Dave Grogan (Aspen, CO). Jenny MacArthur (Aspen, CO) is from Australia, where she was a member of the Australian Demonstration Team. Martin Bell (Taos, NM) is Great Britain's foremost skier, a four-time Olympian and four-time British National Champion. Ursula Howland earned German certification before coming to the U.S. to teach at Big Sky.

The remainder of the coaches have no charming accents but they are Bob Barnes, Training Director at Keystone, Colorado; Stu Campbell, Director of Instruction at SKI magazine and master teacher at Stowe, VT; Nick Herrin, member of the PSIA Demo Team and former World Powder-8 champion from Big Sky, MT; Roger Kane (Arcmeister, need I say more?) from Sunburst, WI; Maggie Loring, Director of the Mountain Sports School at Snowbird; from Aspen, Charlie MacArthur, former member of the PSIA Demo Team and Jenny's husband; Jim Schanzenbaker, former PSIA D-Team member and RSN demonstrator from Aspen; Squatty Schuler, the instructor from Aspen whom Weems esteems most; Snowbird coach and PSIA Examiner Joey Stoeger; and me, Joan Rostad, of Bridger Bowl, MT and the ESA back office.

Safe travels everyone. Be ready to have a blast!
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Also, I want to add that Squatty is a long time examiner in PSIA-RM, and my all time favorite red neck.

The secret of being a "dean" (strange term!) is to hire really good people and get the hell out of their way.

Looks like we've got powder on the way as well!
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