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Stiffy, Scratch BC

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I was wondering if anyone knows how stiff the Scratch BC is compared to the Pocket Rockets. The Pockets seem like a great powder ski, but a little on the noodle side for all mountain skiing. What I'm wondering is if the Scratch BC's ride a lot like the Pockets, or if they are a stiffer ski. I know they aren't going to be nearly as stiff as the 195 XXX's. I'm looking for a new pair of skis this year to complement my 195 XXX's, 195 X-Scream's and 181 Concepts twin tips. I'm trying to decided between the Inspired's, Pocket Rocket's, Scratch BC's, or the 185 XXX's. I kind of stopped riding my X-Scream's after I picked up the XXX's. The XXX's are awesome in the wide open steeps and bowls, but are too long for tight tree skiing. When things get tracked up I usually end up switching to my twin-tips and ride the park in the afternoon with some cruisers. I end up riding my X-Screams when it hasn't snowed for a few days and I venture into the trees for untracked stashes, but then I miss the floatation of the XXX's. My main concern with the Pocket Rockets is that they won't be as stable when I want to straightline. I'd use the skis for all mountain skiing. However, I spend 90% of my time off-piste in the crud and trees at Big Sky and Bridger Bowl. I'm also not considering other skis besides these because I want to stick with a waist around 90mm and I can't proform Vokl's.

P.S. Its been one week since my knee surgery. They discovered bad bone bruise on my lat. femur condyle (or something like that)when they were repairing my meniscus. The pictures are sweet. It looks as if I could put a ping pong ball in the hole they scooped out of my femur. The doc, says cartilage will grow in the hole. I can limp around, but I can't walk all that well yet. I can really feel the whole when I do try to walk which is really uncomfortable. Has anyone else had this with their knee surgery's? Did it heal up o.k.?

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7 Mary 3 -

Are you back in Bozeman or are you still exiled to America's answer to Siberia?

I've talked to a couple shop owners and they say Rossi is really pushing the Scratch BC as an all-purpose off-piste ski. The owner of Grizzly Outfitters thinks its going to be his hot ski this year. The only person I know that skied it did so last Spring at Mt. Bachelor in the heavy slush and said it did well in the slush but couldn't discern anything else about the ski due to the conditions. The ski is actually built in Spain at Rossi's snow board factory and is a lamenate ski instead of their traditional dual-cap (or whatever they call their mix of cap and laminated ski construction). One advantage of getting a Rossi ski is you get added warrantee for using Rossi bindings and if I had your knee problem I would definitely want to be on Rossi/Look bindings.

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Hey Rio!, no I'm still living in the wasteland, but I plan to be spending a lot of time in Bozeman this winter. I almost bought a Big Sky pass this year, but I want to hit up Lost Trail and a few of the other smaller resorts more often so I probably won't be riding Big Sky as much. I have the Look Pivot 9.0's and the Rossi 140's on a couple of my skis and definatley love the bindings, thats part of the reason why I want to either get the Dynastars or the Rossi's. The only thing I don't like about the bindings is that I've had problems with the plastic toe pieces not holding up. The plastic kind of tears away when they release. The first day I rode my Look's I took a nasty spill and the toe piece basically looked like I had strapped a bomb to it and blew it up. I hadn't even messed with the din setting, but Look took care of them under warrenty. Thanks for the info about the Scratch BC. I'm interested to see if any one else has any info about them.
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