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what boot/binding combinations are you guys rockin???

my setup is saloman spx 88 bindings, and soloman synapse boots. i'm really diggin the setup and performance out of my setup.
*thumbs up here for saloman

most of the other instructors are rocking burtons w/ toe-caps, but the burton boots just didn't fit my dogs very well.

and do you own a good set of custom foot beds?

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I have a pair of Superfeet footbeds in my snowboard boots. They're working fine.

My teaching set up is a Volkl board with Original Sin bindings (Rossi SIS step in system) (with highbacks) and Rossi boots. Our rental fleet is Rossi step ins. My personal riding board is a Burton Canyon with the Burton step in bindings and boots (no custom footbed). What can I say? I hate bending over to get in/out of my bindings.
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have fun trying to click into step-ins when there is a couple feet of pow. other then that the integrity of the set up has everything to do with the integrity of the boot. as the boot breaks down and packs out your set up suffers.
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I teach at Whitetail. It's in SOUTH, CENTRAL, PA!
We get a couple feet of pow about once every 5 years.

BTW - I have ridden both setups out West in powder without issue. The only place I've had difficulty with a step in system is on super steep runs with snow that is too hard to kick an edge into.

I do not understand how boot pack out affects the step in mechanism?

The SIS system is perfect for teaching because I'm in and out of the bindings quite frequently during a lesson. Exit/entry takes 1/4 of the time straps would and is thus far easier on my aching geezer back.
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i just retired my k2 clickers, magna's + high backs and k2 boots, which is the same shimano SIS binding as OSin i think. they went along way, and really made teaching goofy's and regular's in the same class much easier. the setup finally started showing serious wear and tear this year so i picked up my new gear woowoo!

never really had to much probs with in the pow (my pow mountain is wolf creek in co).

share your setup folks, reviews welcome.
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Binder boot set up...


I've been riding the Burton Cartel binders for a couple of seasons now, currently ride two different boots, haggard old pair of Burton Ions, and a pair of Burton Carbides I picked up at a pre-season sale.

On alpine, trench digger 1's, w/ Technica Icon race boots.

Have not rocked step is in quite a long time, thought the clicker with binding w/ high back was alright, did not care much for the Burton step in products.
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- Burton Ion
- Burton Cartel
- Volkl Squad Jibster 158 (unbelievable jib board)

- Burton Ion
- Burton C60 w/ Team Skyback
- Volkl Prime Wide 159 (awaiting delivery)
- Volkl Selecta 163 (powder)

- Deeluxe Suzuka
- Bomber TD2
- Volk RT SL 163

I used to use the SIS system a loooong time ago and for several years. I liked the system and the ease in getting in and out. I did Burton's SI's for one season. I've been in straps for about 5 years now. This is my first year with the toe caps and I like them alot. I'm not a huge fan of the extra material right on the end of the boot, but my boards are wide enough that I don't have to worry about any toe drag. Burton's boots are great. It also helps to have support at a local shop for molding/modifying the liners. They've been super as far as replacing any broken or damaged equipment so far. I have no complaints. Same goes for the Volkl Boards. They are the best, period. No problems with any warranty issues ever.

As far as a comparison for step-in to buckle. It does take less time to step in, but it really only takes 1.2 seconds more for me to strap in. I don't sit down either. So no issues there. I prefer the ability to control how much each strap is cranked down for whatever specific task I'll be involved with.

And for the snow pack stuff, I've had to sweep snow out of both the step-in binding and the strap binding, so there's no real difference there. And if I'm in enough powder that it gets all up in my bindings, I think that I won't really be worried to much about having to sweep a little snow out. I'll be to busy having fun.
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As for step-in vs. strap-in, I'm really curious about the K2 Cinch bindings.

My buddy just got a pair and rode with them for the first time yesterday. He was able to "step in" only about half the time -- only when there was a pretty flat surface to do so -- and the other half of the time he had to sit on his bum where messing with the releasable high-back & cam lever got a little cumbersome. But opening the binding and pulling the foot out was nearly instant.

It'll probably just take a little more practice on his part to get used to them.

Any other manufacturers planning a similar hybrid binding for '06/07? I'd love to see a version with a Cap Strap.
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177 cm No Limitz directional freeride with O-Sin step ins and internal high back boots. Bindings at 20/10 regular foot. Great pow board.

166cm Rossi Throttle GS board with Bomber TD1s and Lange MidMax 8 (middle of the line ski boot with walk setting). Bindings at 50/46 regular with 3 degrees of inward cant on both.
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