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Glue-on foam to take up tongue space?

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I have had boot techs glue foam onto the tongues of my boots (outside) in the past to take up space as things are packing out. Kind of want to do this myself on a pair of boots, but don't know best foam/glue (epoxy?) to use. Anyone know if whatever Surefoot and the like are using is generally available and how best to adhere it?

I need to replace the whole liner, but I am trying to get the boots through one more season. . .

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Insta-print tounge shims is the way to go.

I bought a pair and used them for a day, haven't had a chance to post my thoughts on them as I have been very busy.

for $39 they are money well spent and a nice addition to the gear bag.

can't find the link, do search here you should find one.
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Yep, you want tongue shims...factory made or home made. They hold your foot down in the correct place in the boot, unlike heel lifts that put the foot into the wrong place.

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I have used self adhesive boot fitting foam stuck to the outside of the tongue to take up space for better fit around the ankle. It is much less expensive than manufactured tongue shims, and you can cut the foam to fit your individual needs. I used a pretty incompressible foam that I bought from Tognar. You don't need a heavy duty adhesive such as epoxy, the self adhesive stuff works just fine.

Before attaching the foam I experimented with cardboard shims cut from a Coors 12 pack box to determine what thickness, shape, and location worked best for me.
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Thanks for the answers, guys. I went to tognar and bought some stuff. Planning to mess around with the boots before I head up for some CRAZY SNOW at Vail on Sunday/Monday!

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Focusing on the adhesive (in case you want to use material that is not self-adhesive), my recommendation comes from the cycling world. We often used 3M FasTak automotive trim adhesive to glue tires to the rim.

Works great for gluing C-pads and others to boot liners as well. Will not move yet can be torn off without damage.
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I didn't mention before but I used 1/4 thick X 1/2 wide foam one side sticky tape to fill the void in the achilles area, I placed this on the outside of my liner while wearing it to get it into the right place. plus the Insta-print tounge shim inside of the boot toungue.

Worked really well but... I felt the tounge shim moved my stance weight slightly forward. I had much better control and reaction to boot input, much better tip engagement but I can't say if the change in forward lean is good or bad yet.

Something to be aware of with the tounge shim route.
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This surprises me. I always assumed that an eliminator tongue or similar product would make the stance more upright if anything by pushing the shin area back in the boot and pushing the whole leg more upright. How did this cause you to get more forward lean?
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