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Dynafit Comfort or Classic?

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(Apologies to members of www.turns-all-year.com as this is an exact copy of my thread there.)


I am going to get a real randonnee setup this year with Dynafit bindings (I currently use all alpine gear with Alpine Trekkers, and while I love the workout, I want something else for longer tours).

I am facing the question many are facing, which is whether to buy the Comfort or the Classic. The Dynafit products page lists the classic at 1 lb 4 oz / pair versus the Comfort's 1 lb 11 oz, but their FAQ page lists the Classic at a mere three ounces less (1 lb 8 oz) than the Comfort. And frankly, I can lose more than 7 oz on various parts of my body .

I do not care that much for the Comfort's shell sizes adjustability, and I wonder how much of a pain it really is to switch between step heights on the Classic? Is the bending required really weird? It can't be worse than the Trekkers, now, can it?

Also my last question is whether the straps that ship with the bindings would detach if caught in an avalanche? It doesn't look like the Classic comes with optional brakes (and then that is weight again).

I do not plan to ski these skis in resorts at all.

Thanks for any help you can give to decide between the two bindings.

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I am not sure about all the differences between those two bindings, but my wife uses the Dynafits that you cannot adjust with your ski pole, as opposed to my Fritchis that are easily adjustable. If you are climbing in steep variable grade terrain it is nice to be able to change the height on the risers for different pitches. It is not very comfortable skiing across a flat stretch in the middle of a climb with high heels. If you have to bend down to do this (especially with a heavy pack on) it is a major pain in the ass. My wife tends to just put them on one level at the beginning of the climb and just leave them there because of the hassle of changing the height back and forth. Regardless of what kind of bindings you get, I think that easy height adjustabiltiy with your poles is an essential feature.
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