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Comps to Legend 8000?

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So I’ll be in Utah this coming weekend/week for 5 days of skiing. I was out last year and skied the Dynastar Legend 8000 in a 165 and loved it. I’m a level 6/7 skier, 5’5” 170, 40 years old in good shape that will hit most soft bump blacks and all blues. On the Legend, I started liking the challenge. Since I don’t own, I of course want to rent the Legend again. But things happen and I’m looking for a contingency plan, plus the person with whom we’re staying says I should try some other skis given the opportunity just to see if the 8000’s are for me. Can someone highlight the general characteristics of the below mentioned alternative brands/skis (stiff, heavy, lively, forgiveness etc) and how they might compare. No Atomic recommendations please, I didn't care for them last year. I think the sidecut was a bit too radical. Thank you!
Bandit B2 (damp and dull?)
Hot Rod Nitrous
Fischer 73/76
Volkl AC3
Head im72 and im77
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I'm 49 5'11" 163lb and ski the 8000 in a 172cm. I don't know my level but I ski 50 days a year and ski bumps, trees, and do business league racing. I demoed the Hotrod Nitrous in a 170 cm and really liked it. I would buy it if I didn't have the 8000s already. I was previously on a 174cm K2 Axis XP that I liked a lot. The Apache Recon is basically the same ski. That would be a good choice though it is not a lively as the 8000 but still quick in bumps and trees. The B2 is not bad and is easy to ski but I only skied last years model (174?). You might want to go down one size on any of the above since you liked the shorter 8000.
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Thanks for the replies. The Nitrous is definitely one to try if available and I can't get the Legend. I added the 666 and StormriderXL to my list. There's no "pro" review of ski around except on realskiers which influenced my list. Haven't seen much on the Head 72 other than Peter liked it alot. I know it's substantially narrower, but he raved about the Legend and I liked it alot. Doubt most Utah rentals places in PC will have Elan or Stockli, but just in case........ I'm not looking to demo a bunch and buy, I just want to have a backup in case I might like just as much if I can't get the Legend. (Hence my abnormally longish list).
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If there is a lot of powder try the legend 8800. I own those in a 178 for powder days in Colorado (my 8000s are 172). Go a little longer than the 8000s for the 8800 as a powder ski. By the way the 8800 is very good in the trees and bumps on soft snow days.
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