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ski weight

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Hi all;
Was waxing last night and really noticed the weight difference between the wife's new B2s and my 3yo B2s....major! I know there's a dif in length, (150 vs 170), but it got me thinking, (dangerous for the wallet!).
My skis have Tyrolia bindings, hers, Saphir 300.

The question is; would I see a significant reduction in weight with new bindings? Worht it? If so, which bindings? This is a "flat" ski, no rails.

Thanks as always

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Weight only counts when you're carrying them from the car to the lift. They don't weigh anything when you're standing on them. The heavier the ski the more damp it is.

Used to be swing weight was a factor in skiing.Since most people are carving now, the ski doesn't leave the snow as much.

Weight doesn't matter.
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Check out my post below. I just asked just about the same question regarding ski weights.

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