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Look vs. Salomon vs. Tyrolia bindings.. a few ?'s..

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I am more familiar with Salomon and Tyrolia bindings, but do not know much about Look bindings. Are they comparable in quality with the others? I've heard a lot of people railing on Markers, but not much on Look. Thanks...
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Look (and Rossignol, who produces the same bindings as Look) was the last company to produce the turntable-type binding where the heel is acutally on a pivot directly under the tibia. Many people, including myself, swear by these bindings as the most reliable and safe bindings on the market. The race bindings still use the true turntable heel, while the turntable-inspired pivot has been replaced by the now standard nonpivot heel type.

Look/Rossi probably has the most loyal brand following.

And, yes, Markers suck. Don't ask why, because then you might find out that they actually don't. But they suck.
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Thanks for....

the info...
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Look/Rossi have had an incredibly loyal following among a lot of very good skiers (and some average skiers). However they are in the process of switching over from the classic pivot/turntable heel to a more conventional design and in doing so are risking their loyal customer base.

Their problem in the past is that their bindings looked quite different from everything else out there and if you don't know much about bindings (which is most people) you don't want anything that looks different to the norm. But those people who understood how and why these bindings worked appreciated that they offered some significant advantages over conventional designs. There are a lot of people who are unconvinced that the new design is better than the old pivots/turntables and I for one have just bought 3 set of the old style bindings and I was told buy the shop that I am not the only one buying up and hoarding the old ones.
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I will take some flaming for this but...IMHO, there isn't a bad (top or near top of the line) binding out there any more. I have skied Salomon Driver exclusively for the 15+ years, last year I switched to Atomic Neox. I didn't notice one bit difference in performance. I skied Markers before the Salomons. The old Markers before they elongated the toe wings were prone to pre-release. Not so much with the newer Markers. Get whatever integrates with your ski of choice the best.
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The Rossingol Group (Rossi, Dynastar, Lange, Look) has been bought out by Quiksilver Corp. "Quiksilver designs, produces and distributes clothing, accessories and related products for young-minded people and develops brands that represent a casual lifestyle-driven from a boardriding heritage."
http://www.skipressworld.com/us/en/d...?c at=Finance

We'll have to wait and see what the future holds.

I ski on Tyrolia, Look, and Salomon bindings. They all put me on my face when they should.

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There are some benefits to the Salomon bindings toe piece in many skiers opinions- the Oversized Spherical release. Salomon has been purchased by Atomic and changes are in the works to the Atomic style. Atomic purchased a binding company (ESS if I remember correctly) so consolidation in the industry happens. With many skis going to the "systems" a plate that offers free flex under the boot, you only have 1 choice. Race Stock skis usually at the top end offer a plate or capability of mounting any binding. As others have pointed out, each company has a claim to fame, Look turntable heal, Salomon with their toe piece (and I think I've read a 5 year warranty), Atomic with their forward of center, back of center adjustment (some women like the forward of center, some racers like the back of center feel), Tyrolia has a diagonal heal, Marker has thier toe piece sensor. The key to a binding is a design that protects you in a fall, most do that well if adjusted and set right your your skiing ability, style and weight, etc. That is unless it is a forward or backward, twisting fall that does not allow the boot to come out due to the pressure on the toe or heal piece. This is where some manufacturer's will claim that their design is better than another.

There are many reasons people may or may not like a particular brand binding- Atomic has no place to thread a ski lock through as one example of a complaint heard. It may have nothing to do with the actual binding release. Others purchase the binding that is made by the same company as their skis even if it is not a system binding requiring a match. Rossignol used to (and may still do this, have not checked lately) extend their warranty to 2 years instead of 1 if you had also purchased Rossignol binding to be mounted on them.
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In my humble opinion, do yourself a favor a scare up some turntable heel bindings by Look or Rossi. They are dynamite, flexing JUST enough to keep you in when you need to be in. My second choice is Salomon -- nice consistent release and do not favor front or back.

My experience with Tyrolia is bad. The heels keep popping on me. Had them bench-checked not once, but twice and they passed. They suck.

Markers seem OK, but I did have some toe pre-release. The comments above indicate that they have solved that.

I hate the packages (integrated ski and binding) they sell now. There have been debates at this site over this. I come down on the side that the companies are just trying to make more money and they hype the skiability of the systems to sell you. At least Volkl could have chosen Look as their binding and not Marker. But it's all about money and branding.
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But, Marker, Volkl and K2 are all the same company. So selecting Look would support the competition with Rossi (now owned by QuickSilver)

So if you want to read up on the change a few years ago:

http://www.skipressworld.com/us/en/daily_news/2004/06/breaking_news_k2_buys_volkl_marker_and_marmot.html ?cat=Finance
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