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Canyons on Mon Jan 30th

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I am thinking of sking the canyons on Mon the 30th, to take advantage of their $20 lift ticket deal. You need a season pass from any Utah Resort and you can ski for $20.00, it ends the 31st.

What will the crowds be like on a mon, and where shoud an expert ski?

Also, what's the deal with parking, on the map it looks as if there is a lift that goes from the parking lot to the village?

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The parking lot is down below the area and you take a "caberlet" (that looks like a ride at Disney Land), which is an open stand up gondola to the base area, so put your boots on at the car and take everything with you because it is a hassel to come back down. From there you take an 8 person sit inside gondola up to mid-mountain and then disperse to about 10 lifts across the 8 "mountains" that make up the area. The tourists tend to stick to the middle, so if you go to the outer lifts there are usually no crowds. I recommend the lift to the far right (looking up the mountain) for some uncrowded hard intermediate/expert terrain, although there is expert terrain off several of the lifts, but nothing like Snowbird or Alta.

If the gondola at the base area has a big line I think you can hike up the short steep cat track right next to the bottom of the gondola and traverse right to a chair that also accesses some good terrain. A patrolman recommedned that lift for a powder day.
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There will be no crowds on a non-holiday Monday, maybe nobody else at all. (Hence the $20 lift ticket.) 9990 will be where you get your best skiing, especially skiers left of the chair. Chutes off Condor are longest sustained vert but are south facing and get pretty crunchy. Murdoch if you want to hike.

see my recommended Canyons tour:
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