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Edge bevel & Life of ski

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After reading through the many posts on this forum about edge bevel, I was thinking that I wanted go with a 3 degree edge bevel. I've also found that for Fischer skis, they should have come with a 0.5/3 degree from the factory. I asked the local ski shop guy about going to 3 degrees, and here is his response:

"I take it you have their Slalom Race ski. If you are using it for racing
then that recommendation is what we would want to use. If you are now just
using them for all-around skiing, you might want to alter the bevel to .5
base, 2 side or 1 and 1, just to get more life out of the edges. The .5/3
bevel can only be sustained for the racing life of a ski which is typically
2-3 years at most."

Note 1: I don't have the race skis, so maybe the .5/3 wasn't standard for my skis (Fischer S300LX).
Note 2: This is my first year racing.
Note 3: I go skiing ~20x a year.

Does anyone have any comments about the life of the ski? I don't want to have to replace my skis every 2-3 years because there is no edge left
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It really depends on how often you tune them. More acute angles (3 and .5) will dull quicker than overall angles closer to 90 degrees, and as a consequence may need to be tuned more often. .5 on the base may also feel grabby in certain snow conditions. If you are skiing boilerplate ice or hard groomers the .5 may be more responsive. Recreational all-mountain skis seem to be somewhat safe at 2 and 1, a good blend of performance and durability. Not really a cut and dry answer, but the real test will come when you ski them.
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