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Snowbasin v. Powder

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Can anyone relate their experiences at these two mts? What is the skiing like, what is the food like, what is the town like? Is Ogden close enough for dinner?
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skied both

I've skied both mountains, powder mountain with a patroller as a guide. I found that powder did not offer the steeps I was looking for. It is however a unique experience with 5000+ acres coupled with the snowcat & bus back to base from road. (you can ski a infinate number of lines end up on the main road where a shuttle will pick you up to take you back to base). I skied Snowbasin a year before the olympics. Great lift system, uncrowded and pretty much as challenging as it gets lift sreviced or via a short hike. In that respect I prefer it to powder. Great hosts both venues. As far as food goes a power bar, powerade, and a piss in the powdered glades.

Have a great time will be at Snowbasin Feb 12
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Skied both in December

Have to agree with Extreme

We stayed slopeside at Powder in mid-December and had a ball. But after 2 days of skiing there in a row, we started to get bored. The terrain is great, and the tree skiing awesome, it's just that there are not many steeps, or bumps. If you love the backcountry stuff well this is a great place. Snowbasin is simply a world-class resort. Great cruiser runs, steeps, chutes, bumps ... it's got it all. If you get tired from skiing, you can always go take a nap in one of the crappers ... marble tile, oak paneled walls ... world class!

We plan to hit PowMow again this December, but will break up the skiing between the 2 ... one day at PowMow, the next SnowBasin, etc. As far the trip to Ogden, from the top of PowMow it takes about 25 minutes, and is not a bad ride. Odgen has a nice strip with upscale restaurants, shopping etc. There is a good restaurant at the bottom of PowMow at Wolf Creek resort, so you don't have to go all the way to Ogden.
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Originally Posted by Dorm57
Have to agree with Extreme

As far the trip to Ogden, from the top of PowMow it takes about 25 minutes, and is not a bad ride.
Woah, you drive fast. (it takes almost double that.)
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Yeah, but why drive all the way to Ogden when you can enjoy the comfort of a Starburger and beer at the Shooting Star just down the road from PowMow or the 'Basin in Huntsville?!
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to sure to say Hello to the St Bernard in the Shooting Star.
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If money is (really) tight- Go to Powder Mountain If not, Snowbasin is the place
Several decent restaurants: Bistro 258 & Roosters in Ogden; The Gray Cliff Lodge in the canyon and Timbermine at the mouth of the canyon. For local mexican try Javier's or Taco Taco.
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mmmm. Taco Taco rules.

And for sushi I think Windys soukiaki (sp?) on riverdale rd. is hard to beat.
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Coming from PC how much farther past Snowbasin is Powder Mt?

Is it likely to be as nutso as everywhere else on President's Day?
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Powder Mtn is about another 20-25 minutes past Snowbasin when driving from PC. It will be very busy during President's Day weekend but probably one of the least crowded of the Wasatch Front resorts-
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