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Head i.C

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Can anyone tell me the performance difference between the Head i.C 160, 180, 200 and 300?

I got on my new Head i.C 180 (177cm) today and had an awesome time carving hardpack. Although the skis are fairly soft, I probably enjoyed high speed GS turns the most. Is the beefy tail gonna be a problem for steep SL turns and bumps, or should I ask the question in Instruction about handling carving skis in these conditions?
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IC-160: 112/64/95 (15.3 m sidecut R in a 177) - The softest flex, lowest swing weight, and generally the quickest of this series of skis. Suitable for good intermediates and above.

IC-180: 116/65/101 (13.9 m) - The middle member of this seris in flex, total weight, and swing weight. Superb hard snow carving ski for advanced skiers, normal to lighter weight experts.

IC-200: 121/66/106 (12.7 m) - The most firm flex, highest swing weight, highest overall weight, and most stable ride of this series. Excellent medium R turns in smooth or rough hardpack. Doesn't do ultra-tight turns (in spite of its sidecut R) as easily as other skis because of its stiff flex, but this makes it handle rough conditions well. The 200 also does surprisingly well up to about 6" of powder or soft crud (from my personal experience). Most people consider this ski (especially in the longer lengths) only suitable for heavy, advanced skiers. I've got the first requirement nailed, not so sure about the 2nd, but this was my favorite ride of last season (in the 184). Actually, I own the xp-100 (123/68/108) which is almost the exact ski as the 200, but from the previous season.

IC-300: 109/64/94 (16.1 m) - Although close to the IC-160 in sidecut, the flex is *much* firmer than the 160, favoring much larger radius arcs than any of the other skis in this series, altho not quite in the 20-23 meter true GS range. Excellent carver in rough hardpack.


Tom / PM

PS - For the best compilation of data like this on the web, spend the $20 (or whatever) and join www.techsupportforskiers.com, Peter Keelty's site.

PS#2 - BTw, the comments I made above are my personal opinions, and are not taken from Peter's site, although we pretty much agree on everything about these particular skis.

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Thanks for very helpful information lacking at the manufacturers website and my local ski shop..

I'm 6'-1", 180lbs and born with skis on my feet (Norwegian). I've always preferred stiffer skis, but I don't have enough experience on different carving skis to say it is as important as in my old school days. Anyway, it seems like I would enjoy anyone of the i.C series, and maybe the 200 should be demoed before next season..

How do you compare these skis to other brands (Volkl Supersport, Fischer, Rossi Oversize e.t.c)?
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Originally posted by dieseldahl:
Thanks for very helpful information lacking at the manufacturers website and my local ski shop...How do you compare these skis to other brands (Volkl Supersport, Fischer, Rossi Oversize e.t.c)?
Your are quite welcome, but unfortunately, I can't give an informed answer to your most recent question, so I'm not going to even try to compare them with the Head IC series. Other than two runs on one of the Supersport models, I haven't personally demo'ed any of the specific skis you mentioned.

About the only comment I'd be willing to make is that the IC-200 will almost certainly feel like a dreadnought on meth (ie, ultrastable at very high speeds and at high G's) compared to the Supersport and Oversize) in the same length. Conversely, the 200 is no fun in the bumps.

OTOH, let me once again strongly recommend both the archives of Epic (ie, use the search function), and the subscription level of access to Peter Keelty's site. There is a treasure trove of info on current skis on both sites.

All the best,

Tom / PM

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