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conditions at Jay Peak anyone?

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thinking of taking friday off and heading to jay. can anyone tell me what the conditions might be?

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It's starting to look really good for this weekend. They appear to be getting more consistent wetter snow which should make wind/scraping less of an issue. They are forcasting (guessing) for about a foot by tomorrow.

I was debating the trip from NJ this weekend myself, but I don't think I can swing it...
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Today's photos:

That's what we were skiing on Sunday too, and they've gotten more than a foot of snow since Sunday. I live north of Burlington and it snowed here today till about 2:30 PM, though it tapered to flurries by lunch time.

Just know that the woods were iffy in spots Sunday because the warm weather released brooks, frozen moss, etc. I'm sure that will be less of a problem by now, but it was like early-season skiing (but powder so who cares? ).

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