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Slow-cure resilient epoxy

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I have not been happy with Hysol 608 as sold by Tognar. Most of the bonds I've made with it seem to require huge contact area to hold in a vibrating environment.

Anyone with favorites out there?

- adhesion to CF binding resins worth bonus point
- slow cure (unrestricted flow for several minutes after mixing) worth several bonus points
- thermal CoE match to metal and resin bonus
- good wetting bonus point

(Oh, and if you say 'Araldite' please say which)
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I used JB Weld to repair a Volant ski where the edge and the steel cap separated due to hitting a rock. This was a metal to metal bond where some of the adhesive was on the outside surface, and some was pushed into the ski under the cap. The area covered was not very large. It held up for at least two years. The stuff takes a long time to set up. I think I worked with it for about 15 minutes.
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Look here.


I've used Epoweld 8200 for delams with success. I'm not exaclty sure why Tognar recommends Hysol 608.

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I like West System, you should be able to find it at a marine supply store. I have a 1.5" piece of edge made out of it on my rock skis, so it seems to flex pretty well w/o cracking. They sell a filler which I used as well.


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Thanks, all.

Speaking of West System, real9999, you probably already know Sweet Composites is now in Brookmont.
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