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Secret Shoppers

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I work at a large resort in Summit County and am launching a Secret Shopper program for my department. I am looking for about 10 people to volunteer to shop once or twice a month. (each shop takes about an hour between the shop time and completing the evaluation) I'd will also need to meet with you once for about an hour or so to do some quick "training".

What's in it for you?
We want you to USE the product you shop for ... for free!

Products we sell
- Lift Tickets (all kinds)
- Tubing Hill Tickets
- Adult (group) Lessons
- Youth (group) Lessons
- Rentals

Key criteria:
- you can commit to shopping once or twice in the months of February, March and April
- you are not recognizable to our agents
- you are able to *objectively* shop our resort
- you are careful with money and receipts

Please PM me ASAP for more information!

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I am assuming this needs to be in Summit County?
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You don't have to live in Summit, but you need to come here (to my resort) at least once a month to participate.

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Still looking for between five and eight people to help. To those of you have replied -- thanks!
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I'd love to find a few more folks ...
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Of course I'm assuming that you won't be footing the travel expenses from New Hampshire. Now, if you do .........
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Sorry T ... I'm looking for folks who travel to Summit County, CO frequently.

There's a TON of great snow here ... maybe you should come.
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