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Ski edge beveling

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Someone please direct me to a simple information source that explains the basics of ski edge beveling and in terms of what it is and the effects of various bevels for various purposes or conditions. Also the effects of extent of edge detuning at tips and tails.

I'm NOT interesting in tuning the skis myself; I'm happy to leave that to professionals after spending many hours tuning 1 pair of skis (probably badly) in my last effort toward self-reliance. However, I'd like to be able to make a more informed response than I now can when the ski tech asks how many degrees of side and base bevel I want (1 % each is usually the default) and how much edge to detune from the tip & tail.

By the way, if it makes any difference, my current skis are Rossi Bandit X and Dynastar Speed SX, both about 4 yrs old. I ski about 75% on-piste including bumps, 25% off-piste. Advanced but not expert Colorado skier.

Thanks / Don
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How do you want the info? Written, over the phone? Most tech manuals are a little outdated that I'm aware of. Swix sells one of the more "up-to-date" manuals which will also include some waxing info.

Tognar Toolworks has a pretty good handle on tuning & I think they include some tips in their product catalog.

If you want phone support let me know & I can give you a suggestion.
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Check out Tognar tools section on tuning here is the link:
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