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Boot sizing and fit

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I am looking at new boots, Salomon wave 10, Technica mags or even the Dalbelo Avanti V-tech. I wear a 9 in running shoes or 42 in my cycling shoes. But in the ski boot fit that is recomended to me by the shops I am being put into an 8/40, what is with that? My toes are touching in the 8/40 sizing and are for sure a snug fit. Is this right?
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yes, most likely, assuming that your toes come away from the front of the boot when you flex forward (you don't ski standing upright, do you?). I wear a 9 street shoe, a 42.5 cycling shoe, and a 26 (8) ski boot. Did they shell fit you?

For more details, look here: http://www.epicski.com/Content/SkiAn...otfitting1.htm

and at the sticky post at the top of this forum section on FAQ about equipment issues.
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Sounds right to me. Shell fitting is key. I wear an 11 street shoe and a 9/27.0 ski boot.
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Bill Johnson is that you?
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You'll think I'm crazy, but they could even be too big.

The boots will NEVER AGAIN be as snug as they are in the shop. The liner will compress, your heel will settle into the heel pocket as you apply pressure and flex forward while skiing, and the boot plastic and joints will become more flexible as the boot is broken in.

I normally wear a size 10 shoe, and my boots are size 8 1/2. They were extremely snug when being fitted, and I had noticable pressure on the ends of my toes. The bootfitter correctly predicted the change in fit as I wore the boots, and now they fit great.

Also, I'd suggest skiing in very thin socks.

Good luck!
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Also, most good shops will essentially guarantee the fit if you follow their recommendation.

You may want to ask what they will do for you if after skiing in the boots for some reasonable time you believe that they are still too small. A good bootfitter can always make the boot a little bigger, but making it smaller is problematic.
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1-2cm shell fit..

I post the how to fit boots info once a week. look up my old posts
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Originally Posted by uncle crud

Bill Johnson is that you?
Which Bill Johnson?
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Originally Posted by Ski2die
Which Bill Johnson?
Bill "Ski to Die!" Johnson, DH racer for the US Ski Team, 1980 Olympics. pilot of the Atomic Red Sleds. unfortunate victim of injuries at a DH race held at The Big Mountain a few years ago.

that Bill Johnson.
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You mean the one that schooled in Wenatchee?
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You know, the cocky speed demon, kind of a Bode of the ages.
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The boots will NEVER AGAIN be as snug as they are in the shop.
Yep. A bootfitter can make the boots bigger, but they can't make them smaller. Yes, the liner can be padded, but that isn't a cure for shells that are just too big.

Snug is good. Light toe-touching is good. If there is a tight spot, the folks in the shop (if they know their stuff) can make the shell bigger in that spot. If the boots shell-fit right but just don't feel right, try a different model or different brand.

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