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Originally Posted by SCWVA
I usually carry at least one Power Gel, Cliff Shot, or Gu with me when I ski. Just in case I feel like I need a lift or getting ready to bonk.

I typically use them mostly when I ride. I can't eat a Power Bar or anything solid when I'm out riding my Mt. Bike, So I'll suck down a enery gel. Power Gels have saved me on numerous occasions from suffering too much on long rides.

As with enery gels, you need to drink lots of water. I know people who been doubled over with cramps after drinking Red Bull, because they hadn't drank enough water.

My sister who has climbed Mt. McKinley (along with the highest peaks in So. America, and a number of peaks around Nepal) on a number of occasions lives by them. She says that the gels won't freeze when it's below 0F.
With the caveat that RedBull or the likes are not substitutes foor food and hydratation. It may give a boost, like a cup of coffee or some vitamins, but it won't actualy help the body to recover.
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I do use gel on runs of 10 miles or more. It does help, though I wonder to what extent the assistance is psychological.

If you're biking, running, or doing some other activity where you're constantly in motion, then your options are probably going to be limited to the gels, bars, drinks, etc. And they're certainly better than nothing. Even a gatorade will help after 45 minutes. And if you're skiing, and determined to spend every available second of the day heading up or down the slope, then you might want to go with one of those. But if you can take timeout to eat something more substantial, relax for thirty minutes, and get back out there, I think you'll be better off. Granted, I'm not highly tuned athlete, but I've yet to hit upon some golden combination of quick/light snacks or drinks that deliver the kind of significant or lasting energy burst you'd want to enjoy the afternoon.
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Vitamin C

I was support staff for a good friend of mine who ran the NY marathon. In the months leading up to the event, he had a bad throat infection and therefore wasn't able to train much. In fact before he was to start he had only run one stretch of 20km!

Based on a study I had read, I insisted that he "overload" on Vitamins, mainly vitamin C, during the three days before the race.

This seems to have helped, he finished the race (his first marathon ever) in 4 hours. I know that's nothing special for the real athelete but for an average joe that's not bad considering the above. Also he had much less muscle aches that expected.

ANyone know whether the vitamin C had anything to do with it.
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RedBull Rulezzz

Yes i love RedBull and it really helps stay awake.
once with the help of RedBull i was 47 hours driving from Berlin to Madrid.
Its greate!!!:P:P:
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