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Atomic 9.16 vs 9.12?

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I just got a pair of 160cm 9.16s as my first shorty slaloms, and I'm having a blast. The local race shop says the Masters racers in my area are all switching to 9.12s from 9.16s. What's the difference (other than sidecut)? Which is the more versatile ski? Just curious.
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Neither ski will be made next year. They are replaced by the SL9 and SL11. I owned the 9.16 and have a new pair of SL9's.

The 9.16 seems like a GS ski now that I have skied the SL9. I find the nine to be a little more versatile as well as a quicker turning ski. It was described to me that the nine has the shape of the old 9.12 with the metal (guts) of the old 9.16. I have also been told the nine has "three times the metal". I don't know what is true. I'm really curious to learn the difference between the nine and eleven.

My only complaint to date is the tail of the nine will on occasion snag in bumps.

They are both great skis!
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OK, new Atomic slalom skis are SL9 & SL11. BetaRacer mentioned a new model: SX11. Anybody know what that one is all about? Inquiring minds want to know! Thanks.
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I have been skiing on the 9.12's (150's) virtually all year and I have never had such a blast in 30 years of skiing. I purchased them for club racing for my very first try racing but them started using them everywhere. Steeps, icy chutes, bumps, wind blown and the occasional knee deep stuff in Kicking Horse. With dimensions of 115-65-100 is has a very versitile shape. I also really love the fact that when I hit the occasional ice, I just keep on carving instead of skidding through it all. You also don't have to just make short turns. In fact it will go straight and do GS turns, just don't edge it so much. Now, I wouln't use it for making GS turns while heli skiing but that is about it.

I was told by an Atomic rep that the SL 9 just has different cosmetics and a new 3 piece riser but should ski basically the same. I tested the SL 11 in a 164 (i think). It has extra metal in it for added stiffness and I found it to be very quick. I can't comment on it's off piste performance however.

I have several friends who are now looking for the 9.12 for next year and I would love to find a pair of 160's as my all mountain ski's for next year since I have trashed my edges on the 150's down some chutes with not quite enough snow. I might try to mount some Randonee bindings this spring for some backcountry action. A 150 cm ski would be great for hiking up the trails with and not snagging on the trees and brush.

I have never skied the 9.16's.
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