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Sounds nasty.

As Posted on another forum.

Originally Posted by ws2001
Having just returned... I wanted to let other customers know the deal - because Baldface didn't let any of us know what was up until we were already in their contaminated facilities!!

They got infected at the start of the season. Have have up to 30 of 36 guests sick. They even closed down for 4 days the 16th to 19th to try to clean up... the results? Only 15 of 36 guests got sick the 20th to 22nd (our trip). None of the guests were told before they got up there either. Pretty slimy. Norwalk comes from contaminated water and/or food (or from an infected person handling the kitchen) Google for the symptons and what not. As soon as we got infected, we were pulled from skiing - refunds to be determined. Not what I signed up for!

Their lodge seems to leave a lot to be desired from what I've heard too. The new chalets are pretty rough too - no carpet, no baseboards, unfinished outside, etc. etc. I worry about the drinking water supply - I'd guess that's where the infection is.

Just a heads up

Nothing like puking and diarrhea in a lodge when it's just dumped snow and the sun is shining :cry: