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I'm 5'10", 160 lbs, 48, level 7-8 skier skiing east coast on-piste blacks and double blacks. I recently skied a 2003 Head i.C 180 at 177cm and loved the way it got air during tight turns. This ski seemed a little heavy and could have been more stable at higher speeds.

I skied 2005 Head XRC 1100 and monster im75 chip at 170cm. Liked the XRC 1100 the best, especially the "riding on rails" sensation at higher speeds. Didn't get the same "pop" on turns as i.C 180 but figured the ski was stiffer and therefor harder to flex.

I'm also looking at the Atomic SX:10 at 170cm but can't find one to demo in NC. Will it ski more like the Head XRC 1100?
I'd really like a ski with the "pop" of the i.C 180, high speed stability of XRC1100, and easy turn initiation on steeps. Is there one ski that will do this?

Should I try the Fischer RX8?