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volkl AC3 vs. Head 72

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Here's the issue, both are so similar in dims and sidecut, Realskier raves over the 72 and rates the AC3 highly as well. I see very positive comments here too.

6' 170, solid level 8 42 y/o (little mogul use)

Skiing predominantly PA crappy mountains and out west 1-2 times per season. I use Fischer SC's for those real boiler plate days, so the primary use is general snow and hardpack along with loose granular and other sucky conditions. Anyone ski both of these or can speak to any advantages / disadvantages? Also considering the IM77. (FYI-skied Nordica Modified, loved the solid platform, thought they were a bit sluggish on short turns)
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See my post for sale items. I have a brand new, never skied pair of size 177 ac3's with the marker system..yours for $500 plus prepaid shipping.

Best deal on the web if you decide...these are a bit too cruisy..for me and were a xmas gift.

Dan 310-849-2009
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Finndog, we demo'd both of these and I posted a review around 4th or 5th of December on the Consumer Review board if you want to have a search for it.

The bottom line is that we found the AC3 totally uninvolving and plain boring whereas the iM72 we loved (and bought). Which just goes to show that paper stats mean diddly squat, it's all so personal. So you really need to try yourself.

We're in the Alps so conditions quite similar to yours I imagine. The iM72 is the sort of ski where the conditions are never going to catch you out. The AC3, we felt, was the epitome of the "all-mountain ski: a ski that does everything badly". It's not that it's actually bad, it just that for less satisfactory performance on piste you would expect superb off and vice versa, yet it wasn't. But you may love them.

We're actually going to have a play with some skis for boilerplate next week so I would be interested to hear back from you on how you find the Fischer SC (WC or Race?)
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I'd think you'd get a much wider envelope of usage with the im77 over the im72 since you already have an icy-hard day pair of slalom skis (the fischers). For a predominantly eastern one pair of skis-the im 72 is dynamite, but with the slaloms taking up the firm day duties in a quiver I'd want the 77.

I've only skied the Heads-not the AC3. But by all accounts you can't miss with any of these skis.
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Can't comment on the Volkl's. Last time I demoed them was a few years ago and found them to be quite disappointing. Demoed the IM 72 twice this season, my buddy was in the market for a new pair, and he ended up buying them. Very nice all conditions ski. Did everything well. The ski that lit my fire was the Nordia Modified. Absolutely loved that ski. I have read that some people find them to be sluggish in bumps and short turns, but I didn't find that to be the case. I'm wondering if length might be the issue here. I skied them in a 170, and at 200 lbs, didn't find them to be lacking in stability. Seemed to be very responsive and manuverable.
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Thanks for the help, I am really torn between the 72 and the 77 at this point and I think the 77 may have the edge. This info and comments were very helpful. I spoke with a friend who skis the 77chip and his comments were similar. My only concern was days where you had variable conditions;some hardpack and mostly granular. Would the 77 give good edge hold. Trying to see if there are any changes for 07' at this point.

I did ski the Modified and loved it in everything from powder to hardpack to black bumps but didn't like it in short turns, I would describe it as sluggish or clumbsy. Just didn't want to come all the way through short turns without a lot of effort.
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here in germany the 77 is 50% more expensive than the 72, how is in the US?
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77 chip w binding $700 us
72 w/binding $515 us

For more pricing, see Dawgcatchers post

RX8 w/FX12: $659
RX6 w/FS10: $459
AMC79 w/FX12: $689
Vision 73 w/FS10: $509

iM77 Chip w/LD12: $699
iM72 w/SLD11: $515
iM72 w/LD12: $539
iM88: $549
iM82: $559 (still waiting on stock)
i-Supershape w/FF14: $699 (if I can get them)
iXRC 1200 SW w/FF14: $549
iXRC 1400 Chip w/LD12: $549
i-SL Chip w/FF14: $525
i-Slalom w/FF14: $425
i-GS RD w/FF14: $485
Wild Thang w/SLD11: $515

Elan (all Fusion models include bindings)
999: $469
777: $469
666 Fusion/Magfire 12 Fusion: $579
Magfire 10 Fusion: $539
Magfire 8 Fusion: $459
Ripstick Fusion Pro: $559
S12 Fusion: $529
S08 Fusion: $499
Steel Magic Fusion: $459
Silver Magic Fusion: $479
White Pearl: $389
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Originally Posted by Finndog
My only concern was days where you had variable conditions;some hardpack and mostly granular. Would the 77 give good edge hold.
Yes, The 77's will hold an edge just fine on ICE. It is my one quiver ski for the Northeast with no regrets.
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