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Fritschi Titanal 1

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Has anybody heard about the Update Set from Fritschi for the bindings, I just found out about them and am getting them sent to me for free. Just wanted to find out if anybody has already plugged this in to their bindings, and if it really made a difference, as far as breakage is concerned.:
Thanks in advance
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Don't know about the plug-in update, but I have been skiing the Titanal 1 for about 6 years with no problems, and I weight 210 lbs. I know at least 4 people that had the bindings break on them, but that was from the early initial run of manufacture. The company fixed the problem but did not change the name of the binding, so you may have the better later addition that should not require anything to prevent breakage, althought I don't know how to tell the difference.

I'd be interested in any info you have on the "update."
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Yeah I just found out about an update in an Austria forum, a posting selling some bindings and the answers. I guess fritschi didn't promote the thing too much. I personally called Fritschi at the beginning of the week (Monday), had the Updates sent to me and got them on Thursday. Apparently there supposed to prevent breakage of the binding, they're a red insert that replaced the adjuster at the end of the bar, they weigh about 50-100 grams more than the original. I don't know much more than that, but I hope that somebody post some useful information. Oh yeah Fritschi sent them to me for free, they didn't cost me a cent, not even the shipping. A store that I talked to wanted 20 Euros : . If I were you I'd just deal with Fritschi directly if you wanted to order the things.
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I thought I'd post a picture of the Update inserts, but unfortunately they have to placed in Internet so here's me trying
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is this to fix the problem where the T1 releases into climbing mode if the ski is flexed too much? I have a home made fix for that, but wouldn't mind getting an official fix.
Or is this another problem I'm not aware of?
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2-turn: I believe it is to fix a problem with the bar breaking on the very early models. I have been skiing them pretty hard for quite a few years and have never had them pop into the climbing mode.
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my Fritschi Titanal 3 doesn't have the problem either, but my T1 did it several times until I did a homemade fix on it. the T1 had a pin locking it in alpine mode, but they went to an elongated piece on the T2 and up that IMO fixed that problem.....
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2-turn what is your home-made fix?
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Originally Posted by LeeLau
2-turn what is your home-made fix?
I got this info from a shop in Switzerland and it's only needed on the Titanol 1......

Take the rear screw of the heelpiece and replace it with a 3/8ths inch longer one, then take a plastic block slightly wider and longer than the head of the screw, and about 3/8ths inch high and drilled in the middle. rescrew in the screw through the plastic block into the binding and ski. When the ski flexes a lot, the binding's center bar hits the plastic block preventing the ski from flexing any further, and preventing the binding from inadvertently going into tele mode
I used a plastic cutting board for material, and any ski shop has replacement screws. It solved my problem.
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Here's actually what I meant

Here's actually what I meant, inserts for the bar to reenforce the titanium bar.

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From the looks of it, that fix also replaces the pins on the T1 that slips out when the ski flexes, I wonder if they changed the size of it?
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