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Photo for analysis.

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This isn't me, but I'd be interested on your thoughts on what he's doing wrong...
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The only thing wrong with that picture is it isn't me.
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Poor Equipment Selection....

....missing snorkel...
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No snorkel! - ok - BigE - you beat me to it
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That person clearly didn't have first tracks... that right there is doing something wrong in itself.
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His right hand looks a bit too far back... his tips are too far apart.
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Weight too far back, using Rossis...
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Originally Posted by ssh
Weight too far back, using Rossis...
Must be a new Rossi, I don't know of any Rossi with a red base.

Looks like he didn't get enough speed up before he tried to turn.
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I bet the next frame shows a yard sale and someone looking for a ski.
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Selected too narrow a monoski.
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What must I do to learn how to ski that? Will lessons do it? Or just a bigger pair of cojones?
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(s)He's on Tele's!!!

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