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First off id just like to say Hi its my first time here and I really like the board.

Wow I think this board has made me more confused than helped [img]tongue.gif[/img] You guys give excellent reviews on skis, this board has helped me way more than the ski magazine I picked up has; which mind you said every ski is great. Now prior to coming here I was looking at skis like Dynsatar skicross 10, Volkl 5/6 star, and Rossi RPM 100. Now after spending hours reading your topics it seems to me these skis are excellent in their element but not the all mountain tackaler i wanted. So iv come up with the Dynastar Intuitiv 71, and the Volkl AX3.

What im really looking for is something that is great edge to edge in short and long turns, something that I will be able to use off the track if I want to. Id say I spend about 50/50 on normal trails and exploring. I usually ski Vail, BC and that area. Im 21 years old, 5'6" and 150lbs, and rather aggressive skier. My present ski is a K2 X-15 in 178 which is way to long and thats why im getting somehting else but even for the length I can ski it fairly well. Im looking to get 160's this time, and im looking for a ski that I can ski as hard as I want or that i can just calm down and cruise on.

Sorry for the long topic
Thanks everyone

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