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Rays Way???

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Could someone please enlighten me about the "RaysWay" of ski tuning and waxing? I just invested mucho dinero (relatively speaking) on some tuning and waxing tools to get started. (Thanks Noodler and A-man!) My question is: Is this really the silver bullet to ski tuning?

Me thinks I've possibly misspent money if all claims are true. I certainly do not wish to pit one method against others, but simply hear recommendations from those much more experienced than I.

Thanks in advance,
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Your money was well spent.

Do a search

And a post that Ray actually posted in and I quoted with comments but for some reason his original post was removed from the thread.

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Thanks Scalce, I should have known; very few NEW subjects here. Thanks for the reply. I am concerned however, about the "Beast" plastic base edge guide I ordered from (?????) Any suggestions on a better alternative? I beginning to think I should just take my skis to the local shop so they can have their way with them. NOT!!!!!

Always appreciative,
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