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Has anyone ever been to Solitude. If so, was it crowded, nice, how was the bowl, Lots of powder....u know....INFO
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I've been there a number of times. Not crowded, very nice, have had days with LOTS of powder. Honeycomb is great. There are a few members on this board that ski there regulalry and know a good deal more. The village is pretty quiet which doesn't bother me. We were there once for a 3 or 4 day stay and had a good time.
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I skied at Solitude one day. There were springlike conditions that day, so not much was open. I did, however, find it very enjoyable. There are virtually no lines at the lifts-and I here it is so even on a good snow day. The lift tickets are very cool-you just put a card in your pocket that's programmed for the number of runs you want, or all day, and pass through a automated gate and the base of each lift, that opens when it detects a valid ticket or pass.
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Solitude is a nice mountain and Honeycomb canyon is awesome, BUT the return to get back to the canyon really sucks (it's la majorly long catwalk and then like 2 or 3 lifts to get back) - kinda like Vasquez Cirque at Winter Park - great terrain, but tough to run laps on it.
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I skied there about 10 days ago. It generally gets the same big dumps that Alta and Snowbird do. They currently have 100+" base. Last year they put in the Honeycome Return Lift that eliminates the ugly road ski out of that area that Noodler referred to. Solitude is a nice area. Not the big vert and chutes like Alta and Snowbird, but some very challenging double black terrain. It is a family area that is right next to Brighton (I think you can use the same ticket at either). Brighton is a big snowboard area, so you have almost no boards or expert skiers at Solitude and consequently the expert terrain does not get skied much. It is a great place to go a day after a big storm to find untracked. I like to hit Alta or Snowbird during the week and Solitude on the weekend when those areas get crowded. I have skied there about 7 times in the last 3 years and I have never seen lift lines at Solitude.
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Solid place

Great snow, low key, short lines. Dig it.
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Sound awsome. THX
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Bump!  Any tips on Solitude for the advanced intermediate?  Must do/must not do suggestions?  Thanks!

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Originally Posted by SugarCube View Post

Bump!  Any tips on Solitude for the advanced intermediate?  Must do/must not do suggestions?  Thanks!


Was just there 2 weeks ago, there are some nice cruisers off the new high speed Apex quad, can lap there for quite a few runs and have fresh corduroy for awhile, take the powderhorn lift and follow along the ridge unitl you find a place where you feel comfortable dropping in, it will go down to intermediate slopes.


Definately take Sunrise lift to get a trail over to the summit lift and go down into Honeycomb Canyon, there is a nice trail right down the center of the canyon for high intermediate /low expert to enjoy the canyon with out getting into anything extreme. Don't go thru the gate at top of Powder horn into the Parachute area unless you have very strong skills and like steeps. Have fun, try out Brighton up there also, will have  mostly borders but mid week its quiet.

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Thanks, Snowbowler, very helpful!


Anyone else?

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Originally Posted by SugarCube View Post


Anyone else?

Just a little Solitude-related stoke from the other side of the computer screen.

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Solitude can be a a lot of fun. Since you are already up in Big Cottonwood Canyon you might check out Brighton.  IMHO The terrain is a little more challenging then Solitude

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I ski Solitude at least once or twice a week. There is almost never a line at the lifts and the powder sticks around longer than the other LCC or BCC resorts. I'm not a big fan of getting into Honeycomb through the Summit chair as the return trip, even with the Honeycomb Return chair is a pain. Once you finish your run in Honeycomb, you then wind up skiing down Woodlawn (which is pretty much a long cat track) then ride the Honeycomb Return chair up and ski across the entire resort to either Sunrise or Powderhorn, ride them up and then ski down to the Summit chair--it's a royal pain. Instead, you can take Powderhorn or Eagle Express. Two ways off Powderhorn that are very good, but don't go into Honeycomb are to go down through the Cirque either through the gate at the top or down off the ridge (usually pretty good conditions here) or go through the gate at the top into Parachute, but you need ability to ski the steep (but also very good conditions). Last Friday I was one of the first to ski the cliff band in the Cirque and the snow was knee to waist deep. From Powderhorn you can enter Honeycomb by a gate to the right at the top of the lift and either ski Black Forest or Here Be Dragons. Other than some rocks at the very top, these runs have had pretty good snow for long periods this year. Another way to get some good runs into Honeycomb is to take the Eagle Express chair and then take the upper gate into Navarone. There's never many others on any of these runs and snow is usually pretty good. All of the runs I've mentioned are off-piste with no real defined ways down, and to ski them you should be a strong skier able to ski steeps and through trees, but if you are, the conditions will reward you long after the other LCC and BCC resorts are skied out.

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I think Solitude may be my new favorite place to ski!  I had a bluebird day and skied all sorts of stuff.  You're right, their groomers were a blast and held up quite nicely (no crowds at all!!) and I even ventured off into some powder fields and did a little bumping too--whee!  UL took me all over the mountain so don't ask what runs I skied, I just skied!  I know we were skiing off Apex and Powederhorn and remember signs for Honeycomb and Sunrise Bowl (?) and Challenger, and oh so many more.


Thanks for the help on what would work for this advancing intermediate, and Solitude really rocks!

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Was at Solitude 2/7 for one day.  Had a great time.  Great conditions, somewhat variable, even in spite of not having any significant snow in several days.  Virtually no lift lines, not crowded, and most of the mountain is easily accessible.  It provides a nice balance to the surrounding mountains.  Brighton is a lot of fun as well.  Both solid mountains.

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Was there on Sunday and spent most of the day in the trees off Navarone - great untracked.


While the Honeycomb Bowl is fun, it was roped off for avy, so we just got the lower part, which as mentioned before gets to be a pain coming down, skiing all the way accross then back up the other side.


Major dumbness in that vthey just put in 2 new high speeds that essentially go to the same place on the mopuntain - what were they thinking? If only one of those could have gone near the peak, the place would be outstanding. As it is, it's a great place to spend a day.


Brighton is infested with borders, so while the terrain is very nice, that scraping sound just behind is always a reminder to keep those pole tips handy.

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Originally Posted by snofun3 View Post



Brighton is infested with borders, so while the terrain is very nice, that scraping sound just behind is always a reminder to keep those pole tips handy.


Brighton has boarders, but there is lots of stuff that the boarders have a hard time getting to and that leaves it for us skiers.  I skied there a few weeks ago and most of the stuff along the lookers lefthand boundary of the resort is hard for boarders to get out to because of the traverse and is fantastic terrain.


Also went midweek and there was virtually no one there!

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Here is a run off of Apex from today. Typically very crowded.

Sorry. Let dead thread die.

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thread brought back from the dead.


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