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Head Matrix or Ignition

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I'm a skier thinking about picking up snowboarding as an additional snowsport to do on the mountain. I saw some good deals on Head's beginner snowboards and was wondering if anyone's every tried them... specifically the models of Matrix and Ignition. Thanks.
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Head snowboards are fine. If you got a *really* good deal on a beginner board I would say go for it. Sub $100 is what I am thinking. If not, pay up a little more and get at least an intermediate board. Stay on the shorter side with length though. A higher end board will serve you. The beginner stage is over quickly if you go enough. A lesson and multiple days (in a row, say Saturday-Sunday for two to three weeks) really gets your skill level up quickly on a snowboard. If you do that, you will quickly outgrow your beginner board and need something a bit stiffer.
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