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Kids school around Seattle?

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Yippie, my sister wants to get her two kids into skiing finally. Age 6 and 8. They live in Seattle. They are closest to Stevens, but not far from Snowqualmie either. There are also a lot of independent ski schools around here.

Can any of you reccomend a specific ski school that is optimal for a couple of days of first time lessons for kids that age? they are not going to do a multi-week program at this point. If they dig it we'll get them into that next year maybe. So reall looking for something where they can just spend a day or maybe two days in a row..have some fun with other kids..learn the basics for kids that age. Most of the independent schools seem to do multi-week programs I gather.

Anyway, if anyone knows about either mountain-run or independent schools in that general area and which are best for young kids...I would love to hear your opinions. Thanks.

ps - i would teach them, but they won't listen to me when we're shopping in the mall so I doubt they would on the hill... ha ha.. anyway, I feel they need some comradre with other kids too
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Per some other recent threads, Lyon's up at Stevens has a great reputation among the folks I know. I have some friends whose kids' coaches come out of there - kids are learning to ski well and seem really into their coaches & team friends.

In the past, people I know liked Powderpigs. I have no idea what people think of them at this point - might be worth looking into as well though.
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lyons is what I was already thinking about. Actually I am going to stop by their hut tomorrow and chat with them about possibly instructing for them next year myself. I wasn't sure what their kids programs are like..but if the kids are having fun and learning to ski well...then its all good.

Thanks for that reccomendation.
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My kids started with Powderpigs. Lovely people, but consecutive weeks lessons (apparently an issue for you), and the mountain is oh-so-flat (for my standards). So I switched to Alpental after a year, and actually started teaching there. There are plenty of great instructors in the resort's ski school, and the consecutive weeks programs are a success as far as I can tell.

The Summit Learning Center (SLC), our ski school, has daily kids lessons which are drop ins: the info can be found online here: http://www.summit-at-snoqualmie.com/...lc_kidclub.asp. Other mountains probably have similar programs.

As far as teaching your own kids, I personnally think it's not a good idea. My kids take lessons with someone else, and we ski together. I'll give them tips if they want, and I'll make observations. But putting them in a formal learning setup with a parent is a guarantee that they'll use all their relationship tools (not listening, acting up, crying, whining, whatever that can be) with you at some point. They won't with someone else. And yes, I have experiences backing that up (with others teaching their kids; I made that call myself before they started lessons). Significant others and spouses are in that same category too in my opinion

I hope your kids will like skiing. It's a blast as we all know.

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