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Brian Head Back Country

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I read somewhere that BH has around 1500 acres of back country, does anyone know anything about this?

I am curious to find out if anyone has ever skied it, what is it like?

Is the cat skiing any good. It is only $5.00 per ride, any information is appreciated.
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Don't know much, but I've heard that the pine beetle infestation has pretty much de-treed the place and should make for wide open turns in the BC. Southern Utah is suffering through a lean year, though.

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Yea, the resort itself has lost a lot of trees, and there are some areas up top that look pretty bad.

What that resort lacks is some decent steeps and longer vert, if they have that available in BC it may be worth a trip. We have some friends who live down in that area so I was thinking about a trip to check it out.
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