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Ski Tuning Costs

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Just picked up a used pair of chubb's with old Solomon 977 demo bindings. Brought them in to really the only local ski shop (in Chicago the choices are extremely limited....) and to tune the skis the shop is charging me $50, and to adjust the binding (a demo binding mind you...) is $75. They are torque testing the binidng as well, but this still seems a bit ridiculous. Are these prices completely out of line? I'll be in Utah next week....should I have this done out there instead?
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Yes, those costs are insane. I'd do them in utah, if I were you... you may well be able to talk the shop prices down, however...

a very good (race) tune might cost $50 some places, but a run of the mill tune should not be 50, and adjusting bindings with a torque test is a $20 job, not 75, that's ridiculous.

Good luck
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Is that 50 tune up, and 25 binding adjust, total 75? or 50 tune 75 adjust total 125?

I spent 30 and 39 to mount and adjust bindings this year on two occasions. I was not unhappy with either price. Would have been nice to get them done cheaper---but since I have neither the mounting templates or the expertise to do it myself, I feel it is a small price to pay.

I have spent 40 ish for tune ups before and not been unhappy at the price. I do most of this myself now as I do have the expertise for this and the tools.

So, if you mean total 75, I think it is high, but not wildly out of whack. $125 would be tho---in my opinion.
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For 75 + 50 = 125.. you're 1/4 of the way to a pair of Head iM72 + LD12 bindings according to Dawgcatching's prices.. I think you're getting ripped off at the local ski shop for the tuning.
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Yeah, they're talking $75 plus $50 for a total of $125. And they're DEMO bindings for chrissakes....I just called them and told em to hold off. Sounds like doing it out west is the way to go.
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The tuning cost depends on what kind of work the skis need, and how precise the shop's work is. If they need a full tune including some base repair, an accurate base grind, complete edge tune with accurate bevels, and good quality hot wax, $50.00 is not out of line. If all they need is a little clean up, deburring. and fresh wax, that's too high. Consider how much you trust this shop to do a quality job. You can get them tuned in Utah for about the same price, and if you don't like their work, you can take the skis back for some rework. Kind of a hassle when you are on vacation though.

The going rate for a torque test (including setting the DIN) where I live is about $25. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes to adjust the demo binding for your boots (provided that there is nothing wrong with the bindings, so $75 is too high. Why not set the bindings to fit your boots yourself and then just have them do a torque test?
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Not a bad idea. I've never messed with bindings before, nor have i ever used a demo binding, but i would assume that it can't be too tricky. I'll do a search of the forums to get some insight...
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That is steep by the standards in my area. There isn't a shop around here that charges more than $35/tune. A torque check alone is only $10. Sure, we're in a little less of a high income area but the difference between $45 total and $125, that's enough savings to have a burger and cupa joe while you wait to have them done in Utah.
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FYI, comp prices in NYC area shops would be about $20 to adjust and test demo bindings, and at most $40 for full tune (stone grinding, wax, edge). Tune prices can vary if you need P-Tex work. No reason NYC should be cheaper than Chicago.
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You are paying too much. Wait till you get them near a resort for the tune.

I just paid 60$ to have P-Tex repair / Stone grind base, hand tune edges to factory spec, Fresh wax job. I l TIP WELL. So it ended up being 80$ but I get it done right. (I found a place that does it right) Tahoe Daves Tahoe City.
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Originally Posted by dbart2
Not a bad idea. I've never messed with bindings before, nor have i ever used a demo binding, but i would assume that it can't be too tricky. I'll do a search of the forums to get some insight...
Perhaps you could do all our readers a favor and name this shop?

These prices are definitely bonkers.

If you need help with the bindings you can't find searching, feel free to post about it.
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Well, the shop is Viking Ski Shop in Chicago....but I hate to slag them b/c they have always been fair with me, even if high in price, and done good work. They are essentially the only real ski shop in least to my knowledge. Just a seller's market around here I suppose.

The price on the tune was high, but the $75 for binding adjustment is what really threw me.

Will definitely post if I can't figure out the bindings...

Thanks everyone...
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Over here in Framingham at PTC, with Mike de Santis, a good race tune runs about $85 and then to mount for the first time is an additional $30. Its not too bad considering he's one of the best and that he's working on a pair of skis that I paid almost $800 for. Couldn’t hurt to be a little lower though.
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Originally Posted by dbart2
and to adjust the binding (a demo binding mind you...) is $75. They are torque testing the binidng as well, but this still seems a bit ridiculous.
I had my bindings adjusted at Whistler last weeked for $0.
I gave the guy a tip, but the basic charge was $75 less than yours.

I didn't buy anything there at all, just realised I needed an adjustment , popped my head in one place, the guy said he could do it.
He did.
Free and fast.
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I'm not exactly sure how much a single tune is where my family gets ours done, because we usually buy a family tune card. It's $500 for the card, but we have 6 pairs of skis for the 4 of us, and we bring them more than 3 times a season each, so it's definitely worth it.
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$75 to adjust demo bindings??

Year before last I got my wife a nice pair of Rossi with demo bindings. I tried them out and I liked skiing them too. I skied them 6 times before getting some new skis for myself and loosing interest in her skis. Each time I used them I adjusted for me, and then readjusted for her. Took about 2-3 minutes each time. If I had paid $75 each time that would have been $75 x 6 x 2 = $900!!!
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Yeah, i cancelled all of the work and already picked up the skis. I'll figure out how to adjust them myself and then have a test and tune done in Utah. Already called the ski shop nearest where i'm staying and it was $20 for the torque test/binding adjust (total) and $30 for the full tune (which they will do overnight, so i don't miss any time on them)

The money that I didn't waste almost covers a couple of days of skiing. Thanks to everyone for your help.
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