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Need quick Bear Help

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I have the chance to do a single day of skiing on a return to home from a buisness trip.

I can fly into any major center I need to but......

I need a ski resort that is close to a airport to be able to get off a plane the night before, get a room and get to the hill, ski and then get back to the airport and hop on a plane.

Reccomendations from those in the know would be greatly appreciated.

So far Denver and Copper Mountain seem the easiet at this time as Copper is only 98 miles from the airport. Easy rental car distance.

I would just love to hit Jackson Hole and do the tram for historical sake before they stop running it. But I have heard Jackson is not easy for a one day ski.

I would prefer to hit one of the big hills, IE Aspen, Snowmass, Steamboat, Vail, etc....
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Your criteria sort of conflict. Not that there's anything wrong with that

You also didn't say where you are coming/going from/to. However, given what you've said, the odds of maximizing skiing seem best in the SLC area. Pick your ski area/resort. Just my sense of things. I think the trusty search function will turn up lots of prior discussion on this topic.
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Presumably there is some reason SLC is not on your list? Alta has had 300+ inches this season, has a 120 inch base, and is 33.37 (!) miles from the airport:
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If you can go anywhere. Salt Lake City is by far the easiest. 40 minutes from the airport to skiing at Snowbird, Alta, Brighton, or Solitude. You could fly in at 8 am and be skiing by 10 or 10:30.

Denver is not too bad, but a 2 hour drive without traffic from the airport at least.
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If you can fly into Jackson, JH is easy to do. Vail, Steamboat and Aspen also have small airports.
If I had only one day to ski from Denver, Loveland is the closest I would consider, and either A-Basin or Copper is the best.
You should also look at flying into Salt Lake City. Alta is closer to SLC than Denver is to its own airport, which is actually in Nebraska.

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It's the easiest, period.

Most choice on flights, hotels, transportation, and ski areas. They also have some pretty darn good skiing.
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Gotta go with SLC on this one. You could fly in ski and fly out all in the same day. The airport is that close.
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My first thought was SLC as well and I don't even know that much about it. Interesting to see how this unanimous advice is taken (assuming there isn't a reason it won't work).
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I've done exactly what you are describing at SLC. Late flight in pick up car stay in a fairfied inn (or something like it near the airport). On the road at the crack of stupid to Snowbird. Ski till I was tired drove back to airport for a 6:30 pm flight heading east.
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SLC, but if you want Denver, then Winter Park is the closest. You can drive or take HomeJames and it is less than two hours from Denver to WP.
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Originally Posted by Mom
SLC, but if you want Denver, then Winter Park is the closest. You can drive or take HomeJames and it is less than two hours from Denver to WP.
SLC, no question!!!!! What Mom said, but I think you may get to Copper faster than WP.


Oh, Reno, and a 35 minute drive to Squaw, Alpine, Sugarbowl.
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I've done this and have taken the bus up to Snowbird, flipping out the whole time because it was so slow and I had a 5:30 flight to catch. Bought a tram ticket and did laps; by 2:30 I could no longer walk, made the flight no problem
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Chicago has direct flight to Steamboat, Atlanta has direct to Vail. Otherwiese SLC for the obvious reasons.
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Another vote for SLC

I had a friend do what's described above - it CAN be done easily in a day. The proximity of the resorts to the airport is pretty hard to beat! For what you're looking for, it's the best bet I can think of.
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You guys are great. Thanks for the all the info. After some time searching the net myself SLC seems the place to go and ALTA is definately on my TO DO list.

But God Damn ..... America West once I left my origin will not allow me to change destination cities on my way back.. DOH so it's phoenix or Las Vegas.

I am so pissed. I have the time, the opportunity and the money (within reason) to finally ski a great US resort and I got jammed.

They did offer up Vegas to SLC (50 minute flight) then back to Vegas at days end but their price was nutso. I likely could just land in Vegas and check with the air lines for a cheap flight and may still do so. but last minute likely will be more than with some planning as I don't have time for a standby option.

Thanks again to all, thats what makes this place great.
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If you are serious, Southwest Air has 6 or 7 flights each day each way that cost anywhere from $59 to $120 each way, depending on restrictions and advance booking. If you have a full day (or more) layover in Las Vegas, its pretty easy to get to SLC and back.
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