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Kicking Horse Resort

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Just curious, but has anyone had a chance to ski Kicking Horse in the past few weeks?
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I haven't skied there in the past few weeks, but I did visit there in March and had a blast!
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I was there over xmas break. THe entire bottom part of the mountain was closed due to lack of snow--we had to offload on a lift. Did runs off of CPR and redemption all day with good snow. It was nice expert terrain. On a powder day (the temps were too warm for true powder), this place would be heaven.

If you crave steeps and chutes, its def worth the trip.
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Kicking Horse has had the benefit of several big dumps in January and the lower mountain is now in better condition. Excellent skiing on top from every account so it would be well worth a visit. The other resorts in the area have also done well out of the last few storm cycles.
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RE Kicking Horse

Thanks everyone.

I'm heading up for the weekend. Wish me luck!
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I was just at KH Sunday and Monday (1/22,1/23) and I agree with gnjantzie. Top was well covered and soft and bottom was skiable all the way to the lifts. Nice place, right up there with JH in my opinion; I'll definitely be going back in the future.
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