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New Ski advice needed

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Looking for advice on a ski purchase:

I am a New England ski teacher preparing for L11, hopefully this season if the snow holds. I am currently on 4-yr old Dynastar SkiCross 9s. I have thoroughly enjoyed these skis, but have found lately that, possibly as a result of my L11 training and becoming more comfortable with somewhat higher speed skiing, I may be overpowering them. I am noticing a need for better edge hold, often in the middle of the turn, where I have max stacking and max energy applied to the ski. This generally occurs on hard snow. The skis are 17m at 170cm.

I am looking at the Atomic Izor 9.7 and the Volkl 5 Star, at about 165-170cm. Any comments on those possibilities or suggestions on others?


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I like Heads. Their Supershape, XRC1100, and Monster 72 are all excellent. Nordica Speedmachine are also very well worth considering. You'd be very well served to demo skis...nobody's recommendation applies to your feet, legs, and style. Can you get to Bristol Mountain, Canandaigua, NY? Check with Larry Rourke there. They're also selling some demos are very good prices. http://www.bristolmt.com/winter_demo...ment-sales.asp

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fischer RX 8 has an outstanding reputation here for skiing hard snow. just search a little.
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SSG and SnowDan: Thanks for the replies, guys.

As I think it over, my uncertainty is really focused on the speed that a given ski requires to perform at its optimum. In other words, how fast must an XCR1100 or Fischer RX 8 or 9 be skied in order to bend it in the sweet spot to take sufficient advantage of its performance features, and is that too fast for me?

I am looking for a ski that will hold well on hardpack, deliver good rebound energy, but not require more speed that,
at 62 (years, not MPH), is not gonna happen.

Don't get me wrong: I can pick up the pace pretty well on groomers and easy blacks, but I also have to observe my limits.

Hey, thanks, again,

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