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atomic advice, please

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my wife and i are 50, young at heart, and in good physical shape. we are looking for skis and boots and considering the atomic metrons, first.

me: i've been skiing for 30 years. i'm 160 lbs, 5-11, advanced not expert, prefer fast groomed blues, varied turns, and have some interest in learning powder. i like stiff boots and wear 28.5 mondo, medium width. i'm thinking Metron M:10 171cm for me, nordica gts 12, head s10, or atomic B:9 or M:9 boots.

her: she's been skiing 3 years. 125 lbs., 5-3, intermediate not advanced, prefers slower speeds but wants to improve control, increase speed, and learn powder. likes moderately stiff boots and has a very narrow foot at 25.0 mondo. she's thinking Metron M:8 or M:9 157cm with nordica easy move 10 or atomic B:5 or M:5 boots.

also considering izor 9.7 or sx-10 for me, and izor 5.3 or 7.5 for her.

any advice much appreciated.
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If your in the northeast, PM me and I'll give you the name and # of my buddy who's a Atomic rep and one of the top sellers of Atomic in North America. He's works at Ken Jones Ski Mart in Manchester NH.
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It will be interesting to see what kind of input you get conserning the metrons for your wife. I would opt for a more traditional ski like one from the balance line. You are going to be fine with the metrons. However, if you ski mainly on groomers I would not see a huge advantage of getting such wide and heavy ski.

When it coms to boots both of you should go to an expert bootfitter and get a boot that fits. Dont worrie about brands and models, fit is more important than if its Nordica or Atomic.
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Max, I also have been thinking about Atomic Izor 9.7s and would appreciate being able to get a few minutes on the phone with your bud in Manchester. I live in Newton, Mass, teach at Blue Hill outside of Boston and ski the route 93 areas in NH.

Thanks, JoeB
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From the sounds of it neither one of you needs to be in the B last boot but I agree the fit comes first and MAKE SURE YOU GET SHELL FITTED.

The M-10 is an awesome ski on groomed or anywhere else really and can really help with your goal of getting into some powder. It is not all that heavy but you might consider the 10 in a 164 or trying a 9 in the 171 length given your weight and skiing preference. Demoing would of course be your best bet.
For your wife a Balanz 11 could be good but might prove a bit to handle just yet. The Izor 9:7, 7:5 or the balanz Diva might all be good bets for her and she should definitely try the Balanz 11 before she bites that off and trys to chew it.

Did I mention shell fitting the boots?!
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