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For a bit of fun...

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Apologies to anyone who sees the cross-posting on Snowheads...

OK, we're off skiing for the week next week. We bought Monster 72s back in December and are loving them, great all round skis for what we see and do here in the Alps. But while we have the time (and a ski hire service delivering to the chalet ) we quite fancy trying out some more specialised skis i.e. narrower and wider - just for the hell of it for a day or so. So what would you suggest for

a) playing on piste, carving, ice?
b) a wider powder ski?

I'm thinking along the lines of the Head Fast Thang, Fischer Vision 50 (and equivalent unisex for Mr Eng), RX8 for a) and maybe Monster 88, 1080 Gun (PR) for b). Any and all further suggestions would be welcome! Thanks in advance!
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For Ms. eng ch
a) Fischer Worldcup SC
b) Rossignol B2

For Mr. eng ch
a) Elan Ripstick
b) Head Monster im 82


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Eng ch, off to courshevell or was it verbier? Good for you, Im going to st anton if my boss approves .

a) if you havent ever tried a top of the line Slalom racing ski any brand it would fit this bill perfectly. Examples: Head i.SL RD, Atomic SL11, Fisher WC SC etc....

b) whatever powder ski the shop has available.
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Thanks TDK, it's Courchevel. We'll make it to Verbier one of these days no doubt, and St Anton is too close for a full week trip - which of course means we never go there If you're ever heading Flims way...

a) yeah, this is all about having a laff and taking the opportunity to try out things without having to go to huge effort to find them. It doesn't matter if they chuck us on our bum (although I would hope they won't). And if there's something that really grabs us, then I'm not thinking that there'll be end of season sales in a couple of months. I'm not. Honest.

b) The problem with saying "anything in the shop" is that this delivery service will source anything you ask for, even if it means going round several shops to find it.

The beauty of the iM72 is that you'll never be caught out by the conditions as it handles everything we've found so far. But I can conceive of conditions where one might say, "hell I just need an ice ski today"
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