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Snow humidity

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Anyone know what is the best way to measure snow humidity ? Some waxes seem to have a humidity range, based on snow humidity and not air humidity
Thank you
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There's some advice on the Dominator website, and I think on Tognar also. www.dominatorwax.com www.tognar.com

Basically, you can judge snow humidity in general terms by handling it, and determining how easily it packs into a snowball.
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Dominator: "If you cannot make a snowball, the snow is dry; if you can make a snowball but it does not stay together the snow is normal; and if the snowball stays together the snow is wet."
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I think reliable racing or race works actually makes a guage for this. PM me if you want , and I can find it for ya. Besides that I just do the snowball trick ..works well for me.
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