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It's never too early to learn good manners

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My daughter, 3 y.o., waxing her skis before a nice day on the mountain. I love little skiers (and not just mine).

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That's priceless.

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Aww.. that's so cute... can she do my skis too? I'm one of those "wax once per 5 days of ski" recreational people..
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That's great! Thanks!
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Oh my god, that's great!
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Now there's a future champion if I ever saw one.

Just too cute!!!
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How much does she charge?

...and isn't that against child labour laws?
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This is the right thing to do with your daughter. Teach her everything you can about waxing and ski tuning now, so that when she grows up, she can put the appropriate wax on her and her husbands skis so she'll always be faster than he is

He'll think she's awesome and she'll have the upper hand
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Make sure you have good ventilation, maybe a fan - too.

Thanks for the photo, it was a great start to my day!
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Second on skimango's comment. Look at how close that little nose is to the "fume zone".

As she get older and does it on her own, be sure to check that the iron is off. For that matter have it plugged into a timer. I wish I had a buck for every time my kid left the iron on.
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Sweet Very cute, I love the hat look
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way too cute.
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so cute....!

are you sure you did not let her just posing?
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A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!! That's right, get her started early. And when you are too old to do it, she can wax your skis.
What does the hat say???
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That's Awesome. I can't wait to put my two-year-old on skis this spring and then get him into ski school next year. I don't know that he will be so advanced that he's tuning his own skis, however.

She's clearly a future champion!

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Sweet! You've made my day!

Thanks for sharing.

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The Hat is some Gap "Tigers" fake (or real) baseball thing. She doesn't wear Swix attire... yet. No, she is not posing, and yes the iron is on: she really is waxing (and made a fuss when I tried to guide her, 'cause you know when you're 3 years old you don't need help, do you?). As one should always do, the iron is just warm enough to melt the wax, it won't fume (I've never ever burnt wax; now her brother didn't move the iron consistently and melted his bases once---the iron was stuck by suction, but one has to learn...).

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The look of concentration is Epic! Sweetie!

What's with the greenery in the background, though? Yeeps!
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