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Help with skis and bindings

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I'm hoping one of you can help me with sort out a problem I'm having with a pair of skis I bought. After about a 10 year hiatus I started skiing again last year. Based on the reviews on this site I bought a pair of Intuitiv 74's with the Rosi P14 binding and Tecnica Diablo, had the boots fitted (severe pronation) and hit the slopes. Couldn't ski them at all. Seemed to be always on my heels; tips constantly crossing etc. Went to a pair of Bandit XX with marker comps (14) and it was like night and day. Very forgiving, allowed me to carve my turns, and get forward in the bumps.

I skiied maybe a dozen times last year.

This year bought a pass and have been skiing the Bandits until today. I thought I would tried the Dynastars to see maybe if there'd be a difference now that I've skiied a bit more but had exactly the same results and I'm thinking that it has more to do with the binding set up than the ski. I feel like I'm on stilts and that I'm not flat on the skis.

I searched the site and have seen a couple comments on the lifts on the Look/Rosi's and and how some skiers have modified the ski/binding set up to get more "contact" between boot and ski.

I thought one of you could clarify how the binding setup might be modified (laymans terms please) or suggest a ski shop/tecnician in the Denver area may be able to help me.

From all I've read the Dynastars seem to be just too a ski to give up on.


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Not sure, but i would guess that having more contact between boots and ski would mean to simply remove the lifters. To do this you would remove the plastic lifter part but would need to find all new shorter screws for your bindings. I hear that it really doesn't make that much of a difference...i have lifters on my k2 PE and really don't think it matters much.
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You might be right. It's been so long since I've skied I can't even properly articulate the problem. I just can't believe I could ski so differently on the two skis and think there must be another problem. Oh well, someone mentioned Edgework here in Denver. Maybe I'll take them there and see if they can help.

Thanks for your response.

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go easy on yourself



I have heard the I 74 is a great ski. But......

It happens. Sometimes for no reason a ski gets in your head. It has happened to me once or twice. About 15 years ago I lusted over Rossignol 7gk's 208's. A ski I should have had no problem with as I was skiing at a very high level at the time. Got edge locked at about 40mph on em the first day as I started to open up before I had em dialed in. A full mobius yard sale resulted and they got in my head. Really only tamed em a couple of times. I have had lotsa ski's. Most of em racing ski's or very tecnical. It happens. Don't beat yourself up over it.

Get a posidrive screwdriver remove the bindings and sell em for good money on ebay. Those bindings are very much in demand. Do another auction for the ski's. 2 auctions, just a case of bad karma: if you know what I mean.

Then enjoy the bandits....nothing wrong with them. The Dynastars are not your friends. They are just tools after all. Not every craftsman likes the same hammer. Doesn't make you a bad skier if a certain set up doesn't work for you.

That's my take.
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