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Regarding the officiating -- it is illegal for a receiver to push off a DB to get seperation, just the same way that it is illegal for a DB to push off a receiver. Simply put -- absolutely no contact is allowed after 5 yards. The officials could probably call interference on every play; they could also call holding on every play if they felt like it. Don't do it 5 feet from the official and you'll get away with it.

Regarding the disputed TD. All you have to do is get the point of the ball to -- not across -- the goal line. Once that happens, the play ends. It has nothing to do with where the ball carrier winds up after that happens. Ben does get the point of the ball awfully close. As I said before, the replay was just going to uphold whatever the on-the-field call was.

Seattle shot themselves in the foot far more then the Steelers and the refs did.
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I thought the game was very poorly officiated, with this fact puntuated by the call on Seattle late in the game when their QB was flagged for undercutting a blocker after an interception. Replays showed he was clearly making the tackle when this occurred. But hey, it happens. You just hope it doesn't happen in the Super Bowl. Who knows if the outcome was affected. Seattle's was terrible, and minus a couple of big plays, the Steelers were'nt much better. This was the poorest played Super Bowl in a long time, IMO.

That said, I was happy with the outcome. I think Bettis is a class act who deserves to go out on top. It was also nice to see Cowler finally get a title. Maybe now he can move out of Chuck Noll's shadow a little bit.
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Congratulations to all Steelers fans!!! (Springhill anf KevinF - you guys deserve it!!) Simply put, the Steelers made the big plays that you need in a Superbowl (Willie Parker, Randel El to Heinz Ward, 3rd and 25). Seattle didn't. It's making those plays that gets you the ring. Seattle couldn't punch it in. Part of that was because they couldn't execute (one foot inbounds, couldn't make the FG's) and part of that was the officiating. The officials did a poor job. The Personal Foul on Hasselbeck was insane. What was that? And the Holding, PI were so close that they probably should not have been called in any game let alone a game of this magnitude. I thought Ben didn't score but in all honesty with 4th down and 1 cm I have no doubt that Cowher would have went for it and given it to Bettis for the score. Now wouldn't that have been nice for Steeler fans?

To sum up, the better team won I think and I'm happy for Pennsylvania. But for me, my personal highlight of the game was Tom Brady flipping the coin. You go Tom..Next year let someone else flip it while you call heads or tails. Congrats again to the Steelers and Pittsburgh!
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the refs did their usual best and i didn't think that ben made the end zone either but it doesn't matter what you or i think we saw. bad calls are a part of the game. you never want to see a call turn any game especially the super bowl but it'll happen again as long as refs are human. even with replay technology that slows motion to such an extent that the human eye/brain connection could never comprehend in real time, the ref can still get it wrong. ask troy polamalu.
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The Seahawks were robbed!

But I had the best powder day of my season yesterday before the game. 9" of new on top of a whole bunch of new from the day before (they had to close because of blizzard conditions). I had snow flying in my face!

Much better than a Super Bowl win.
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Originally Posted by Coach13
the call on Seattle late in the game when their QB was flagged for undercutting a blocker after an interception. Replays showed he was clearly making the tackle when this occurred.
Anybody remember a similar call at some earlier point in the playoffs? I think the guy called for it undercut a blocker and then actually made the tackle. In Hasselbeck's case, he made the tackle first.
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The Fix Was In....

Even the bookies were embarrassed...
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i couldn't find the delete button for my last post so i just left the similes but i think i now know how to turn coffee into whine and i know you like a fine whine just like mike.
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You up on the breaking story about the Philly mob connection with Gretsky's wife's Football betting ring?
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i didn't hear that slant. so i take it you picked the seahawks and now your bookie is smiling?
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