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Just got back from a week of skiing in BC. Fernie, Kimberley, and Panorama.

The SL12's worked exactly as I had hoped. They turned both fast wide arcs as well as quick tight turns. I realy enjoyed them.

Good control in virtually all the snow conditions we encountered. (many, but did not do powder)
I had no problem controlling the skis and making them do what I wanted

They wanted to go fast, you could not really stand up and relax. That required stopping to rest, which I did alot. But when I got going they were great fun.

I had a great time skiing on the SL12 Fusion.
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Is that the S12 Fusion or the SL 12 Fusion?
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Sorry, S12 Fusion, I thought I had the number wrong when I finished typing.
Thanks for your advise on buying them.
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No problem, you're welcome. I sure love mine.
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I really like the yellow and black graphics on the RX6 . Kind of reminds me of the muscle ski of the early 70'S the Dynamic VR17.

Everybody that I have seen on the RX6 loves them. For a 190 lb guy skiing mostly hard pack conditions would the RX6 be stiff enough?In softer western conditions I would expect no problem . But what about in the east if you're close to 200lbs, and like to ski a little aggressively.

I know cosmetics should be secondary at best, but I really like the looks of the ski . Probably a pretty good bumper too.
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You might find the RX8 a little more appropriate for the 190 to 200 pound weight range skiing aggressively on eastern hard pack. It is a little stiffer than the RX6 and has more sidecut (Tip/Waist/Tail (mm) 115/66/98) vs 111/67/96 for the RX6. If you'd like a deal on this year's RX8 check out the recent ads in the Buy/Sell/Swap section. I just received next year's model RX8, and the cosmetics are much more festive than this year's model. Otherwise, except for some details in the Railflex system, the ski appears basically unchanged. I will post a review after I've had a chance to spend a day on them.

Jim Lansdowne
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