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Fischer RX8 vs Supersport 5

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I am looking at Fischer RX8 and Supersport 5 skis. I am trying to determine what length to buy. I am 6 feet, 205lbs and 45 yrs old. I have skied on and off for 30 years. I would be a 7-8 skill level.
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Again, no shorter than 170, no longer than 175.
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walldad, the RX8 and 5* are very different skis. The comparison is the RX8 to the 6* and the RX6 to the 5*. If you have skied both, then perhaps they just ski very different for you than for me, but I would be hesitant to equate those two skis.
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People I talked with in September, when I had my eye on either the supersport 5 or 6 stars, said that if your heavier (I'm 208 so I'm in your range) that the 5 stars are a bit soft and the 6 star, being a tad stiffer would be better. I must say the 6 stars are an amazing ski. It holds an amazing edge and I did not find it a non-forgiving ski as many people have said. But, it's not a ski if you like to sideslip-drift-skid off some speed in your turns ski. It truly is a carving ski yet with enough width in front to handle softer stuff, but this is not where it shines IMO.

I have never tried a Fischer ski. If you ever get to CO, the private ski shop in the main village plaza had about 100 6 stars for their normal rentals at Beaver Creak.

Anyone tried both 5 and 6 stars have an opinion as to which is better for the "larger" skier?
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John, I'm probably not what you'd consider "large" (170/6 feet), but I ski quite fast and hard. The 6* is definitely more ski, and better for either a heavier skier or one whose skiing creates more forces in the turn (like me). The 5* broke loose on my higher-speed turns, while the 6* held the line very well.
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I am new to this forum, it is great, I appreciate the feedback. It sounds like I should go back to the drawing board on my ski list. I am looking for a ski that will be "FUN" to ski. I ski both with my family and with my buddies, Nice and easy with the kids and let loose with the boys. From what I had read before the RX8 and Supersport 5 are both "FUN, wow" kind of skis. Maybe they would be too much for me. I'm getting older (45) and don't want to tire myself out too much.
I am open to suggestions, I have one week left before I leave for a week in BC.
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I think at your ability and from what you describe as your skiing "intent", you'd love the RX 8. I'm certainly not an expert skier and I find that it fits both the "hard charging" performance niche as well as when I'm skiing it in the relaxed mode. There are some skis that, IMO don't across the "performance to fun" line very easy. I have a Dynastar Ski Cross 10 that's this way in my experience. If I ski it all day, by the end of the day it's kicking my @ss, but I'm fine all day, everyday, on my RX 8's. Good luck and welcome to EpicSki.

BTW, the only thing that everybody here can agree on is that EpicSki rocks. Stay tuned.

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That sounds encouraging on the RX8. I just spoke to the store on the RX6 vs RX8, they say RX8 also. I like what I hear about being able to ski all day, that is my intent, along with having a thrill on the hill. I want that wow was that fun feeling
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You need to be honest with yourself. You said that you have been skiing on and off for 30 years. Do you carve your turns, I mean when your are with your buddies, do you have some leg separation and lay your skis over on edge and carve out railroad type tracks? That’s what these skis want to do, that’s when you are getting your money’s worth. If you ski your skis flat or like to skid your turns, look elsewhere. Maybe the 4 star or the RX 6.
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Good question, when I have been demoing skis I am trying to do more of the new carving style. I plan on taking lessons in the new style. My cousin who used to skis like me took lessons, he went from old style to new style advanced to new style low end expert. He has Atomic SL11, he thinks I can progress to the new style like he did. I think I am buying skis that may be over my head but for $500 with bindings who cares, I hope to grow into them. If not I'll sell them and get back on this site for more suggestions.
Thanks for your input
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RX8 in 170 Sold out in Ontario and Quebec. Any other suggestions for skis
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Rusty Guy and dawgcatching have these for sale, I think. Here's one link, and I'll try to find the other:

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I sent an email to Dawgcatching about the 170's, problem may be that I am in Canada and I need skis in the next couple of days.
I can get 175cm RX8 in a local store. I am worried they might be long, any comments.
OR other skis I should look at, I'm running out of time and don't want to rent for a week
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dawg may still be able to get them to you in time.

Better NOT to go too long.

By what date do you need the skis actually in hand?
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We leave next Friday, I would need them by Weds/Thursday at the latest.
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All you need is a credit card and an address for Fedex and you can have the skis in a day!

You didn't ask me!
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Rusty, the message I was sent to looked like you hade RX8 in 160cm only. I was looking for 170. Do you have 170 ?
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I wouldn't write off the RX6ti's. I had to choose between them at 170 and the RX8s at 175. I went for the 6s and they are an underrated ski - in fact their need to be skied well maybe why they haven't had a fantastic press (see current thread) when many who could ski them have gone for the 8 as a more advanced model. I am 6'2 and 80k (185 lbs?), ski with kids quite a bit but also like to test out my 49yo framework a bit! Many people expecting the 6 to be easy find it quite unforgiving in the backseat area.

Having come off 187s, I do think the shorter skis maybe a bit more tiring as I feel I have to work harder to stay centred, you certainly can't sit back at all.

Anyway good luck in your choice.
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I appreciate the offers to sell me the RX8's. Unfortunately I do not want to risk not having skis for my trip.
Since I cannot get the RX8 in 170 in a store in Canada, I started looking at the Elan S12 as an alternative based on some reviews I read on this site.
Would I be able to enjoy 5 days of all day skiing on the S12's or would they be too much for me ??
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If your idea of enjoyment is improving your form and getting better at skiing then don't be afraid to go with better and more demading skis (S12 would do). They will remind you of your mistakes and serve as a guage of your progress. If you stay on skis at your level of skill and never try somthing more demanding, you will never know when to move up. There is no substitude for demoing skis first. I made a mistake last year of bying "lively and fun" ski based on review in a magazine. Only now, after I switched to RX8, I know what I was missing.

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The S12 is definitely a top end ski - but it's nothing to be afraid of. If you wanted the Fischer RX8, you'll do fine on the S12, especially if it's the Fusion version.

I'm 150 pounds, 5'8" and a truly average skier, bothas to ski and strength. I love my S12 Fusions, which I ski in the 160 cm length. I feel that I ski better on those than on others.
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One last dumb question for Oboe. I saw on another thread that you have demoed the IM70 from Head and seemed to like it.
I am going to the store tonight,
I can get the S12 (which sounds fun)OR what I consider a safe option for an easier ski the IM70.
Both the skis are on year end clearance prices so I can't go too far wrong either way.
How do I decide, safe, maybe boring IM70 or risky, maybe exciting S12 ????
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Who said the im70 was an easier ski or boring ski? Let's just say they both ski differently and if you want my opinion, I would think the S12 would be easier to initiate turns on because of the sidecut. The im 70 is more of an all mountain ski. I own the im 75 chips and the Volkl 5 star which is pretty much the same comparison.You are all over the place for options. Why don't you just demo for the week and try many skis.
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If you can't get the RX 8, get the S12. It's a fun ski.
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I have demoed the IM70, I can ski it fine, it seemed easy to me. I should say safe bet instead of boring.
I have not demoed the S12 and don't have time, it just sounds like an interesting ski since I started reading this forum.
Yes, I am all over the place, it's driving crazy too.
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I have both the S12 Fusion and the iM70. I prefer the S12 Fusion, no question.
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Bought the S12 Fusion in 168. Leaving tommorrow for 1 week of B.C skiing (Panorama, Fernie). Stay tuned, I'm sure I'll have a opinion on these
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At Fernie next week, if you see a skier with a blue Spider jacket, black pants, and a two-way radio speaker mike on his lapel, it's me. Stop and say hello--love to hear how the Fusions are working out. I'll be demoing a bunch of equipment myself.

Wilmington DE
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walldad, I have no doubt you bought a good pair of skis, and I am looking forward to your report on how you enjoyed then in 168 cm length. If memory serves, isn't your weight a bit north of 200 pounds?

I'll bet that S12 Fusion has a HUGE range of performance, and I'll bet you have a great time on them! Please do report back.
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