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What an "Epic" trip. Finally got some powder. We got into Silverthorn on the 14th. Stayed in a Condo up in Wildernest. Watch Hill units. Very nice place. Couldn't get our usual condo in Frisco but it worked out quite nice.

Sunday found us hooking up with my Cousins, Rob from Westminster Co and Jodee who at the moment is living in Russia. We decided to ski Breckenridge because it's the kind of place that on a Holiday weekend can hide the crowd. It was the right choice. We never waited in line longer than 5 minutes other than the Imperial lift which was about 15 minutes. Snow was forecasted so we split from the girls and headed for the upper mountain. We wanted to get some hiking in before the light got flat and the snow moved in. After a couple runs in the Lake chutes the snow started. We cruised peak 9 and headed to 10 to meet the girls where there was absolutely no lift lines. Spent the est of the day skiing the burn and Mustang while the snow piled up. Nice day.

Monday found us going to Keystone where they reported 5" of fresh. Decided to got there because two friends of my Son where with us and they never skied Keystone before. Much to my suprise, the Outback and North Peak was much deeper and still snowing. Took a cat ride for a nice drop into the trees and hiked up the next time for a shot in the other side for some more fresh tracks. Rob and Jodee quit at noon for the long trak down to Denver. Trying to beat the traffic to no avail. Took them 5 hours. We spent most of the days in the trees of the Outback where fresh lines and fun were had by all.
Maybe the best time ever for me at Keystone. Gave me a new outlook on a Resort that wasn't one of my favorites.

Tuesday took us to ABasin where they reported 3". Couldn't find any of that but found an empty ski area. We had the whole place to ourselves as I thought. Light snow and flat light was the theme for the day. Spent most of the day doing top to bottom laps and exploring the trees and bumps of
Pali. To nasty to head out back and didn't dare take the kids we had with. They have no backcountry experience at all. But we did get more vertical than the last two days. It wasn't an epic ABasin day but the Legend did deliver big smiles to everyones face.

Wednesday found me calling Vinn over at Copper for a beautiful powder morning. He met me at Super Bee with some discounts and a smile and off we went on a deep powder day. Made a warmup run down under the lift with my Wife and decided to split up and go our own way. One thing about my Wife, she knows when not to hold me back. She can ski pow very well but knows she can't keep up. I love her. Vinn, Lars and boys headed for Resolution bowl for some thigh deep powder. Face shots and laughs were had by all and a few falls by some boys who had never skied bowls, or deep powder. It was as much fun watching them as it was skiing. After a few untracked runs there, we headed over the back for a run and out the Chief for a short hike and shots in Union Bowl. Vinn had to go back to work and we broke for lunch. After lunch I did a few runs in the trees over on the Timberline lift then headed up Union and then over to Copper Bowl again. The wind picked up and the light got flat just as my legs said, enough. So, a Fat Tire was waiting for me at Jakes and a smile of course.

Thursday took it's toll on the boys as they needed to get some homework done anyhow. So, the Wifey and myself went to Breck for another powder day. About 9" of pow. A little heavier than Copper but still nice. Stayed at peak10 for most of the time making endless tracks alone then hit the Burn and Mustang where it was solitude. Took a break then hit peak 9 for some more bumps before heading into town for some shopping and a brew.

Friday was all Vail. Powder morning for sure. Hairy drive down there but wow. The first tracks down SunUp Bowl were heavenly knee deep and more. Then China Bowl for some more and more and tree runs in Mongolia. Blue Bird, cold smoke, what else could anyone else hope for. God was smiling on me this morning. I felt like a choir boy in a cathedral. Lunch at Two Elks and four laps around the front and we were spent in time to watch the Slopestyle comp of the US Freeskiing Open. What was even better was a Holiday Valley local, Cory Vanular won the event beating out all the world famous park rats.

My special thanks to Vinn. He was very kind to a complete stranger. He's a fine skier too. Real smooth. My appoligies to some other Bears with whom I couldn't hook up with, Bong, thanks for the offer, very generous. Missed ssh, wanted to meet him. There's always next time. Next time for me will be late February into March. Till then,what a good time was had.

Colorado has the best snow conditions I've seen in years. Better get there.