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Lodging prices?

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Hey, what should I be paying for a lower village studio? I told the reservation guy I was with Epic Ski and he said the rate was [insert something outragious here]. So I told him that Epic Ski told me the rate was supposed to be $129. And he told me $159 was the lowest rate he had shown.

I see now, upon further review, that that seems to be the Cliff Lodge rate, which is not where I am staying. Is something wrong here, or did the rates change over time? (I made my reservations fairly late, a couple of weeks ago).
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Chris I believe the ESA rate was only in effect until somewhere near the end of Dec. I'm paying $119 a night for a room at the Inn at Snowbird.
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The ESA rate was officially only available until early December, but they held it a bit longer (but after the cut-off, it was dependent on availability)
The rates were:
$119/night net: The Lower Village studio
$139/night net: The Lower Village Bedroom
$159/night net: The Cliff Lodge & Spa
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I will check your rate with the lodging manager, Chris.
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Originally Posted by nolo
I will check your rate with the lodging manager, Chris.
Great! Thanks!
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We got Chris the appropriate rate.

BTW, I got word from our lodging account manager at Snowbird that ESA rates are still available on a limited number of rooms. The only hitch is you can't stay Feb 2. But I see that ssh and crew are leaving Feb 2, so maybe you could work something out...
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