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Battle in Seattle! Cat Scratch fever!

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Go Panthers! Looks like its going to be a tough, close game.

From the Charlotte Observer: http://www.wcnc.com/sharedcontent/Vi...47527&catId=68
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Go Seahawks! I'll be watching from The Cascadia's bar in Skykomish near Stevens Pass. It looks like it should be very competitive. I'm looking forward to it.
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I'm still reeling from the Colts moving to Indy, I can't fathom "Carolina" (not even a state, mind you) having a pro football team.

they're not the "Jersey Giants" or "York Jets" are they?
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hey now weez gots flush toilets n paper these days, feller. :
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no you dingbat, that's not my comment on the South, it's my comment on the team's name.

it's like they're saying "we know there are TWO Carolinas but we have only ONE team and we know that if we chose one of the two Carolinas as part of the team's name y'all would just feud over whose team those Panthers really are. so we're just gonna call 'em the Carolina Panthers and that way when they're winning you can call 'em your Panthers and when they're losing you can blame it on the (North, South... pick one) Carolina tag."
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You wanna step outside? (That's were I spit tabaccy juice on your shoes, and we fight, per cultural protocol)

I do remember some discussion about the name when the franchise came here....the stadium is of course in Charlotte, downtown.

If I may be so bold as to claim Charlotte, suh, as the regional cultural center thisaways. NC/SC are worlds apart, in fact almost polar opposites in many ways: quality of education/level, politics, and most importantly, cash money. Charlotte is loaded with carpetbagger bankers sucking us poor hillbillies dry! They won't finance my trailer, soms a biches. It's the financial center of the Southeast. SC, with its nonexistent environmetnal laws, has also attracted lots of polluting manufacturing industry....some folks say that North Charleston is looking more and more like Newark!

The county I live in, Laurens, is the most illiterate in SC...which is of course at the bottom of the national list.....thus my missionary zeal.
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I think it'll be cool if the Seahawks win it. Here's a team that doesn't have the best history, but a great fanbase. Now they're almost at the show. That town deserves a Super Bowl.
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Weez in a heap o trouble, thanks to that idiot Henning!:
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It's hard to win without a real running game...
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Pretty poor showing by the Panthers...injuries were a factor and they were flat today....couldn't get it together. And the OC is an idiot.

Here's the Charlotte Observer: http://www.charlotte.com/mld/charlot...s/13689005.htm
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GO Hawks
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Hey, the Seahawks looked great!
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