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Skiing/meeting up - the 29th

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please delete - I missed the other thread <blush>

I thought it may be useful to have a thread about activities on the days around ESA for those arriving early/leaving late...
And rather than mix them into other discussions I figured:

"a thread a day keeps the confusion away!"

So does anyone have any suggestions about meeting up on the 29th?

Maybe arrange a rendevouz time/place for the morning, just after lunch (then the meet+greet in the evening?)

PS this time we'll skip the meesting from yesterday <sigh>
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The 29th plans are being discussed: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=35244

Basically, see you at 9:00 AM at Tram Base for the acclimization tour. If you miss it, Mid-Gad lodge at a normal-ish lunch-ish hour. I'm going to put red / blue streamers (EpicSki colors) on my poles so that I'm findable.
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There's a group that's skiing Snowbird meeting (what time?) at the Tram Plaza in front of the lift ticket windows, I think.

Mr delta and I are going to ski Alta on the first day, where there is more varied terrain that is gentler. There is a transfer bus that takes you to Alta from just outside the Snowbird Centre (easy walking distance from on-mountain accom, or where the bus pulls in for those staying off-mountain).

Just to keep it simple, I suggest that we all meet at the Tram plaza at 8:45am (lifts seem to be opening at 9 at Snowbird), and then we can split off into different groups, including the one going to Alta.
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Originally Posted by lbt
please delete - I missed the other thread <blush>

it's OK - we understand - you're british!
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