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Skiing/meesting up - the 28th

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I thought it may be useful to have a thread about activities on the days around ESA for those arriving early/leaving late...
And rather than mix them into other discussions I figured:

"a thread a day keeps the confusion away!"

So does anyone have any suggestions about meeting up on the 28th?

Maybe arrange a rendevouz time/place for the morning, just after lunch and evening?

(We arrive on 27th so we'll need to get gear/lift tickets in the morning but it'd be nice to meet up for a warm-up after lunch... and definitely at night )


PS I'll be wearing a red carnation... oh, wait, - wrong forum...:
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We're arriving on the 28th, schlepping stuff from PC. If people are interested in meeting for dinner, we should pick a place to meet.

I'll suggest meeting inside the Snowbird Centre, just inside the doors at the entrance where the bus drops people off. (I think there's a shop just inside there.) We'll wait there at 6pm. I'm a very short Chinese woman, and I'll be wearing a light purple ski jacket. Mr delta (Peter) is a tallish white guy wearing a dark green ski jacket.

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Sounds good - but you're not going for the streamers then
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I'd wear them if I could find some , but we're leaving this morning for Utah, so I'm thinking I won't be able to. See you guys in a week!
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I think I'm going to have to think about this ....
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I may lose Internet access by tomorrow, so I'll just mention that I'm going to slightly change the meeting time (but not place) to 6:30pm on Saturday, inside the Snowbird Centre just beside the doors where the bus drops you off. Hope to see some people there!
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I don't know what we'll be doing, but we'll do our best to hook up with you if we can. We may be getting boots fit...
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Sorry we missed you last night - we were wondering about the centre and the girl at the Steak pit said she'd seen you wander past. I'm sure we'll catch you around today

Anyway, I'm about to get dressed and go hunting breakfast before hitting the tram to get some of that nice fresh powder...
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